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How to Buy Instagram Accounts

Do you want to buy Instagram account for personal or business use? Instadeal has a wide selection of affordable and high-quality Instagram accounts. Instagram accounts for sale with 100% real followers and in different categories are available on our platform. We carefully choose and analyze accounts before listing on our website to ensure they are real and active.

Distinguishing the true value, activity, and follower quality of an Instagram account, particularly one with genuine followers, requires expertise. You have the option to buy Instagram accounts from reputable marketplaces or online shops like Instadeal.

InstaDeal takes care of all the difficult steps of negotiating and evaluating accounts for you. Read: How To Easily Buy Instagram Account in 2024?

Should I buy Instagram account instead of growing one?

That’s an excellent question. Should I buy Instagram accounts? What advantages can be gained? What advantages does this bring to your business’s development? Have you ever wondered why people buy Instagram accounts? My friend, it’s all about the conversions.

It’s a shortcut to success for many, especially when starting from scratch seems overwhelming. Buying an Instagram account puts you in a room of people already interested in what you have to say.

Having a built-in audience for these accounts is like striking gold in the social media world. However, it’s not solely about the numbers. It’s about having an engaged audience. They like, comment, share – what about that? That’s what increases conversions. Read More: 10 Reasons Why Buying IG Accounts Boosts Conversions

Buying Instagram Accounts is Time Efficient:

A great number of people select to establish an Instagram account and assemble it from the very beginning. But as is the case, this procedure is time-consuming. To expand your reach and boost engagement, you ought to:

  1. Make a marketing strategy for long term
  2.  Publish high-quality and various contents daily
  3.  Explore popular hashtags to increase reach.
  4.  Engage with your audience, answer each commentary, reply to direct messages, etc.
  5.  Give diverse communication channels to your followers, hosting livestreams, competitions, and giveaways.

Instagram changes the algorithms daily, creating a difficulty for fresh businesses to be noticed on the platform.

Buying Instagram Accounts is Cost-Saving:

We strongly suggest you buy Instagram account with authentic followers in order to save time, money, and energy, a viewpoint that reinforces our opinion that life is too short to expand an Instagram account.

Particularly when there are Instagram account sellers who have gained all the growth tactics and have been enhancing your potential account since a while back, and you can purchase Instagram accounts from them at a reasonable cost.

Ultimately, it’s challenging to gain new fans and natural engagement for fresh accounts. Most people have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire an acceptable level of followers and engagement from their audience.

Buying Instagram Accounts Helps your Brand Visibility:

We all analyze the numbers every time we assess a profile. Acquiring an Instagram account is an important benchmark for business owners, particularly one that has genuine followers, and it will unquestionably draw a lot of attention from users. Having a lot of followers right away can give your business an advantage and make your brand more believable.

Read Full article here: Top 7 Benefits of Buying Established Instagram Accounts

Is it possible to be scammed when buying an Instagram account?

When it comes to buying Instagram accounts, getting scammed is a major concern. Purchasing inactive accounts with fake followers from illegitimate sellers who display inflated follower counts with no engagement. Additionally, transactions frequently occur on platforms without buyer protection, such as Crypto currencies. Our article provides a comprehensive guide on avoiding scams when purchasing Instagram accounts and distinguishing real followers from fake ones.

Purchasing Instagram accounts safely is somewhat contradictory. The risks are extremely high, but what about the rewards? It has also skyrocketed.Read More: 10 Proven Tips for Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts

It’s important to use escrow services when buying Instagram accounts for security, trust, and financial protection. Escrow services primarily function as a neutral third party, holding payment until transaction conditions are fulfilled. This guarantees the safety of the buyer’s funds, which are only released to the seller after a successful transfer and verification of the account. Verification is crucial to prevent fake accounts and misleading follower and engagement statistics. An escrow service provides buyers protection against paying for an account that doesn’t meet expectations or isn’t delivered.

Buying Instagram accounts might seem like a quick fix, but it’s fraught with legal, ethical, and practical risks. Take, for instance, the matter of audience relevance. Imagine you acquire an account with a large number of followers. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But what if these followers are completely uninterested in your content? Your message is not reaching the intended listeners. Engagement drop is a red flag for any Instagram account aiming to grow and monetize.

It is crucial to have the original email associated with an Instagram account when buying one. The original email is crucial for the complete transfer of ownership of the account. Without the original email, the previous owner could claim the account was hacked and keep both the account and the payment. Changing the email address and password linked to the account is crucial to prevent problems. Interestingly, reports indicate that Instagram is changing its focus from email to the device signature used for account creation. This implies that if you have the original device, recovering the account could be more straightforward. Nevertheless, the significance of having the original email cannot be underestimated as it is crucial for secure transfer and ownership of the account.

The Advantages of buying Instagram Accounts from InstaDeal

In this digital age, social media has become an important part of our lives. Influencers and companies use Instagram to reach their target audience and promote their brands. The solution to your need is InstaDeal, the top marketplace for purchasing Instagram accounts. Our focus is on providing entrepreneurs with top-notch Instagram accounts through our online marketplace. By using advanced algorithms, we ensure the best accounts and excellent service for our customers. We have a team of expert social media marketers who have years of experience in the field.

Increase your customer and follower base with a high-quality profile page. With Insta Deal’s accounts, your reach will expand, leading to sales growth and additional income from sponsored posts or ads. For these reasons, we have confidence in being your final stop for excellent accounts that can help you achieve your goals:

Comprehensive Niche Classification with a Wide Range of Categories

With 12+ categories on InstaDeal, such as Travel, Fashion, Crypto, NFT, etc, customers can easily find the account that best suits their needs. Furthermore, our professionals have segmented each account into its own individual specialization, such as the main country their followers come from and the Male/Female ratio, to make sure you get the best value from your investment.

If you’re new to Instagram, you might be considering which niche to choose. Choosing the ideal Instagram niche in 2024 involves combining your passions with market demand, uniqueness, and profitability. Choose a niche you’re passionate about, but also analyze the market and consider profitability. Read more: The Top 20 Niches On Instagram

Ensure there is an engaged audience willing to spend in your niche. Conduct research and observe successful accounts in your potential niche for inspiration. To stand out in a crowded niche, you need to offer something unique.

Exclusive Accounts:

InstaDeal is the only sales representative for all accounts here and our accounts are not listed on any other website. Negotiations should be much faster and you can expect the price to be lower.

Security Guaranteed

We take the safety of our buyers and sellers at InstaDeal seriously. Over 80% of the accounts here belong to us and the rest are from our trustworthy partners. After making sure all the accounts pass a strict verification process, they will be added to the list, so the Instagram account you’re getting is real with genuine followers.

InstaDeal takes extra measures to prevent scams during purchases. Buyers can make payments using credit cards and Trustap escrow service guarantees that you receive your purchase without fail.

We closely monitor the entire process to ensure that once you obtain the credentials, you will be the sole owner of the account.

Once you make a purchase, we will guide you to secure your account and prevent any issues.

As a seller, you can be confident that we will send payment using non-reversible methods like Crypto or bank transfer. Rest assured, you will receive payment once the process is complete.

Quick transactional process

Transactions are handled quickly and without any issues. As a buyer, you can expect your transaction to be finished in about 1–3 business days. As soon as we get the payment, we transfer the funds to the seller’s account and take control of the seller’s Instagram account. Once the process is over, you will be sent the credentials and a comprehensive guide on account growth via email.

Live Chat Support

You may have doubts or concerns about making the important decision to buy an Instagram account. For this reason, we offer live chat support seven days a week to ensure you receive prompt answers to any questions you have. 24/7 support is available to all users via WhatsApp, Telegram, and chat on the website.

Powerful filters

We only provide Instagram profiles with genuine followers and genuine engagements in our marketplace. Every day, many accounts get denied because of fake or robotic engagement.


You, as a customer, can pick any Instagram account that fits your needs. Multiple payment methods are available to help you pay for the Instagram account. We assure you that you will receive a full refund if you don’t like the account, which is most unlikely. 

Types of Instagram Accounts with Real Followers

Fresh Instagram Accounts:

These accounts were made recently. Usually, there are no posts or photos and no one following them. Instagram Direct Message marketing, Comment marketing, and scraping can all be done with them. In the market, the cost is between 1-$5.

Aged Instagram Accounts:

These accounts were established years ago and have a good standing on Instagram. Accounts that have been around for a while can have posts & followers and can be beneficial for growing & flipping in the future. The price tag is more than $50 depending on how many followers.

Personal IG Accounts:

These accounts belong to an individual. It could be related to lifestyle, hobbies, etc. They usually don’t have any worth when it comes to selling.

Niche Instagram Accounts:

Niche accounts are in the most demands as they are established accounts with many followers & backgrounds. As soon as the new owner begins posting, they can view genuine engagement. We only sell niche accounts in InstaDeal.

Buying Instagram followers is distinct from purchasing an Instagram account. Purchasing followers from SMM panels or sellers will only net you bots and inactive accounts, and they will have no interaction with your content. In essence, you’re just increasing the figure on your profile, with no added benefit. When you buy an Instagram account, it comes with a genuinely engaged audience related to a particular niche, rather than just a bunch of fake followers. They will communicate with your content through comments, private messages, and other social media accounts or your website. Read More Here.

What are the next steps after purchasing an Instagram account?

Quickly update your passwords and enable two-factor authentication. Now, let’s talk about the content that already exists in the account. Examine closely what is already present. Does this content align with my vision? Ask yourself.

Gather as much information as possible about your followers’ attitudes, preferences, and activity times by checking out the insights. In this article, we covered nearly everything you need to do after purchasing a new Instagram account, so check it out: What To Do After You Buy An Instagram Account

How should an Instagram account be transferred correctly?

Successfully transferring an Instagram account requires a careful and methodical approach to ensure a secure and seamless transition. Every phase, from backing up data and changing login details to maintaining communication and ensuring secure transactions, is crucial. Utilizing services such as escrow and maintaining clear communication with the seller are essential for safeguarding your investment. Acquiring a digital asset is not the sole purpose of this process. It’s about responsibly adopting a new digital identity while preserving the trust of your audience.

The cost of each Instagram account differs depending on factors like follower count, niche, username, demographics, engagement and growth rate. Paying attention to metrics such as likes, comments, Reel views, and story views is part of engagement. If your account hasn’t seen significant growth recently, its value will be lowered. In contrast, if your account gains hundreds of followers daily, along with engagement, its value will skyrocket.

Are verified Instagram accounts available for purchase?

Verified Instagram accounts can be purchased for a high price or you can opt for a meta verify eligible account and obtain a blue tick at a lower cost. These accounts are cheaper than verified Ig accounts and can be bought on InstaDeal.

What makes buying Instagram verification important? Verified Instagram accounts offer increased trust, credibility boost, and higher visibility in search results. Read More: Why You Should Consider Buying Verified Instagram Accounts

Instagram’s Terms of Service forbids the buying, selling, and trading of accounts between users. According to Instagram’s policies, buying accounts is not allowed. However, no regulations prohibit the sale or purchase of social property. You can get the job done violating no laws.

Companies that are trying to expand their business and compete. People who are looking to begin their career as an influencer in areas such as travel, fashion or fitness blogging. People who need an Instagram account to gain more customers or followers may need to purchase one.

Where can I find the top place to purchase influencer Instagram accounts?

What makes influencer Instagram accounts desirable for buyers? An established influencer account already has engagement, be it likes, comments, shares, or any other form. Trust has been established with followers. Believe me, it’s priceless!

InstaDeal reviews accounts, guarantees safe transactions, and prioritizes a reliable reputation.

InstaDeal has both expensive accounts with high activity and affordable accounts with less activity. Accounts that are less active and don’t have much engagement are usually less expensive as a result of long breaks between posts or a change in the theme. When you buy Instagram accounts, we give the buyer all the relevant information, such as demographic and activity data. While not all accounts on InstaDeal are heavily engaged, all of them do have real and authentic followers.