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Cryptocurrency market was on fire since 2021 owing to Bitcoin’s price hit the ATH (All-Time High) near 67,000$. Many people rushed into this market and most of them need an active crypto Instagram account to achieve their purposes. Likewise, the demand for crypto Instagram accounts was high all this time. Crypto Instagram accounts could have different topics. Top news in the crypto world, blockchains, technical or fundamental analysis, On-chain researches, NFTs, etc. Buy crypto Instagram accounts from InstaDeal in few steps to increase your credibility, influence, and visibility in the crypto community in a short time.

Best crypto pages on Instagram

Because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the influence of social media, crypto influencers can now promote regular Instagram accounts of the cryptocurrency market. The weekly trends, their most recent investments, and forecasts for the future of crypto marketing are all topics of discussion among the crypto influencers. We list some of the top cryptocurrency Instagram pages below:

  1. cointelegraph
  2. coindesk
  3. cryptoding
  4. cryptonary
  5. cryptoplayhouse
  6. thecryptograph
  7. cryptoexplorer
  8. bitcoinmagazine

As you know, the crypto market is a risky place, and it’s important to step in with knowledge. These crypto Ig pages will help you gather as much as possible information like the current market cycle, bearish or bullish, the support & resistance levels, up & down trends, etc. Remember, information is your success key in the long term.

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It’s a straightforward task to buy active Instagram accounts from Instadeal. First, make sure to choose a fine niche to start with from Instagram accounts for sale page. the second step is to choose an account from our listing. Let’s say you choose crypto category, You need to follow these easy steps and complete your shopping. Keep in mind in any stage, you can write to us and ask for a help.

  1. Choose the ” Crypto” category. You will see all crypto Instagram accounts for sale. Check the descriptions carefully and if the account suits you in terms of the follower’s number, the price and other information, press “Add to Cart”.
  2. Choose a payment method that is convenient for you. We accept PayPal or Cryptocurrencies as payment options. Occasionally we accept other forms of payment such as bank transfer, too.
  3. After purchasing, you will receive the account’s data (username, pass, original email) alongside with a comprehensive guide for securing the account & associated email in the right manner. Proceed with the guide and do the changes.

Crypto Instagram accounts for sale:

There are a lot of ways you can generate income from active crypto Instagram accounts.

From selling shoutouts to generate leads for your products, online courses or services. Crypto Instagram accounts could be handy for you. Instead of growing one from scratch, you can buy active crypto Instagram accounts starting from $100-$200 on Instadeal.

Not only you can affiliate sales for different brokers and earn commissions but also it’s possible to change the theme to the NFT Ig account and promote projects and artists. The options are unlimited.