About us

High Quality Instagram accounts with amazing price with InstaDeal

Welcome to InstaDeal; a digital marketing agency specialized in growing on Instagram with over three years of experience. It’s not a shock that growing on Instagram is getting harder and harder these days as it has reached over 1 billion active users monthly, and everyone wants to start a fresh or promote their businesses, seeking fame over a night, etc.

But as along with any opportunities, there are threats either; confronting with scammers, buying fake accounts with fake followers, pay your precious money but gaining nothing in return.

  • We guarantee high-quality accounts, with real and live audiences. We don’t deal with hundreds of accounts daily, which makes it impossible to quality check all of them. In contrast, our experts handpick carefully and analyze each account on our website from different aspects manually.


  • We have been in business since 2020; We’ve conducted lots of trackable sales in almost every marketplace out there. Both as sellers and buyers. We know every flaws and challenging aspects of this business, and our aim is to resolve them on our website and make it a pleasant experience to buy a new lovely Instagram account for everyone.



  • Personal care; we don’t have a big volume website, our community is small and we wish to keep it that way. So you can expect us a responsive and careful customer support.


  • Price, the last but not the least. We guarantee the rock bottom price in the market. If you found a same quality account with lower price anywhere else, you will have a prize.

We’ve learned through our experiences how difficult is growing on Instagram, promoting a new brand, business or as an influencer with all these complicated algorithms, they use each day. If you plan to promote your account in the right and quality manner, there won’t be time for anything else; So here we can be your loyal partner and advisor to help you boost your fame on the Instagram platform in a trustable way.