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Why Should You Consider Buying an Instagram Account?

Just picture wanting a fully grown, leafy tree in your yard. Waiting for years to grow a sapling or getting a fully-grown tree is an option. At Insta Deal, we provide such services for Instagram accounts. Why work hard to build a following for years when you can easily access a thriving account instantly? Remember, time is the most precious asset anyone has.

With Insta Deal, you’re not just buying an account. You’re buying time. Explore our diverse niches of Instagram accounts and pick one that suits you.

What Makes Insta Deal Unique?

Insta Deal guarantees that all accounts undergo thorough authenticity checks. We have a committed team that ensures only authentic accounts are accepted, giving you value for your money. In addition, our commitment to security is a source of pride for us.

Transactions are guaranteed to be smooth, irreversible, and transparent. Many have fallen victim to scams before us. You’re in good hands with Insta Deal. We guarantee your satisfaction and privacy when doing business with us.

Thinking of Selling Your Instagram Account?


Genuine followers and engagement on your Instagram account can get you a seat at the Insta Deal table. We’ll take care of the complexities. We’ll present your account to clients worldwide, handle negotiations, and make the transaction seamless. 


The most exciting part? Once the deal is done, the payment is yours to keep, with no take-backs. Crypto payments are now accepted, great news for sellers.


Convinced? Use our form to provide your account information. Our Account Procurement Manager will contact you after passing our review. If you have multiple accounts for sale, team up with Insta Deal. By making your first sale, you can become a part of our exclusive group of trusted sellers. Our tools and tips will help you focus on growing Instagram accounts, your passion.


If you have any questions, our FAQ section has detailed answers about selling on our platform. If you’re looking for a trustworthy intermediary and already have a potential buyer, is the dedicated escrow service of Insta Deal that you can rely on.


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24/7 Days Online Support

Our agents are online all the time. You can communicate with us on Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype or Online chat onsite. If you want to find out something more and you think we may help you then please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Organic Followers

The fake accounts have no value. We sell only organic accounts with REAL Followers and have grown them using advanced strategies. So, if you buy an Instagram account from us, you get organic, live audience which will become a driving force for the promotion of your business or blog.


100% secure & Fast Delivery of Accounts We value your time and will deliver the accounts within 1-24 Hrs after your payment. After the change of the data, only you will have access to the purchased account.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

We are proud of our remarkable service for selling Instagram accounts. Our clients have praised our service, support and quality of accounts. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself:


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Probably the best place for sellers and buyers. I got the best value for my account none could have given. Thanks to InstaDeal I highly recommend.


The place that you do not get scam by the Instagram sellers. But I need to tell you that the process might takes up to 3 days! Based on my own experience, its depending on the sellers response time

-Magnus Garcia

To transfer a social media account between parties is always a stressful process, regardless are you a buyer or a seller. Everyone is aware that the scam is possible. InstaDeal (personal thanks to Anna) made an entire flow as simple and as quick as possible. I’m completely happy with my experience and definitely will work with them again

-Noa Martin

Seamless transaction and took 3 days to receive my payment via USDT. I was skeptical at first but these guys are legitimate. Highly recommend as a trusted 3rd party service for selling/buying IG accounts.

-Cillian Muller

Great service, fast replies. Everything is clear and super easy.


Instadeal is a very trustable place. Bought 3 accounts with no problem here.

-Casper Smith

It was a good experience for me. The process was very positive. Instadeal is a very reliable company. I am excited to work with them again. Only the delviery time is abit long (mine took 2 days). My rating is 4 stars for this reason


Every process is carried out honestly and safely. They are trustworthy, open, and provide excellent customer service.


Personally i have bought many aged Instagram accounts to promote my business, everything was delivered at time and works perfectly, would definitely be buying more ig accounts from there in the near future, would definitely recommend!

-Stellan Petrova

Fast easy and safe. Will definitely recommend Instadeal to my relatives.


Dealing with you guys is such a breeze!!! The whole transaction took only one business day! It was a pleasant experience. They replied quickly on Whatsapp, were there when I need assistance and I did not have any issues whatsoever.


I Really love the work with this society the transaction was smooth and I recommend it for buying IG account

-Leon Diaz

Great communication with Anna and she was helpful all throughout the processing.

– Irina

Perfect solution for who wants to buy/sell social accounts… User friendly interface (both sides) and an excellent support (Olivia in my case) that follows every moment of the transaction. Payment received on time via PayPal so what else to say, highly recommended.

-Bastian taylor