Comparing Top Marketplaces for Buying Instagram Accounts in 2024! (Part 1)

Top Marketplaces for Buying Instagram Accounts

Introduction: Top Marketplaces for Buying Instagram Accounts

Are you considering buying Instagram accounts in 2024? It’s a popular thing these days, especially for people like us in the social media sphere. What makes it so popular? Easily build a huge following and establish your brand in no time.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about purchasing accounts on online marketplaces, based on our personal experience before creating InstaDeal. As a buyer or seller, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each marketplace will help you choose the best option. 


Look no further than if you want to buy Instagram accounts with genuine followers – it’s the best platform for buying and selling.

Where to Buy Legitimate Instagram Accounts

Where to Buy Legitimate Instagram Accounts

Online Marketplaces

The first choice is online marketplaces specifically for social media assets. These platforms function like eBay but for Instagram accounts. 

Social media Forums

Social media forums and communities are another popular gathering place. These locations are filled with people seeking to sell or purchase Instagram accounts. It’s like a secret community where success awaits those who make the right moves. Typically, you have to interact with sellers directly, increasing the risk of getting scammed.

Online Shops

Don’t forget to explore online shops for purchasing established Instagram accounts. Online shops generally have smaller inventories and less account diversification compared to marketplaces, but their advantage lies in owning the accounts themselves.

Dealing Directly

Dealing directly on Instagram is the final choice. Once you’ve found the perfect account, approach the owner directly and inquire about their interest. Make sure to be extremely careful because it’s very easy to be scammed in this manner.


This article explores reputable marketplaces, online forums, and online shops as the top three methods for buying Instagram accounts.

What Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Place to Buy IG Accounts

What Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Place to Buy IG Accounts?

In this guide, we will evaluate marketplaces using questions we can answer from our experience of buying and selling accounts on these platforms:

1.What is their process for adding new accounts to their platforms?

Does the marketplace verify accounts before adding them to its listing, or can anyone list their accounts, even if they have 100% fake followers? When this occurs, the buyer will be responsible for the difficult process of assessing the account. It’s not easy to assess the quality of followers, activity data, views, reach accounts, monetization ability, and more.

2.What are the payment methods they use?

Credit cards are the safest payment method for buyers since they allow chargebacks.

However, from the perspective of the sellers, it’s completely different. Sellers often prefer irreversible methods such as cryptocurrency. Each platform should maintain a balance for both sides. 

But let’s see: How do marketplaces resolve payment disputes when they arise?

3.What is the turnaround time for their transactions?

Imagine you’ve spent $1000 on an account and you’re eager to receive it and start exploring. However, the seller is unresponsive and the platform consistently ignores you, resulting in a 14-day delay in account retrieval. Sadly, this is a problem that exists in certain marketplaces.

Now, picture yourself having sold your account, giving the buyer full access, and eagerly awaiting payment to enjoy your newfound wealth. You’ve been waiting for days and days, following up with the support team, but they ignore you. All you can do is wait for the payment, and months later they finally send it. This strange occurrence also happens in certain marketplaces.

4.What is their process for handling transfers?

What rules do they have for account recovery? Specifically, what is their role in the Instagram account’s transfer process? Are the accounts secured before giving the credentials to the buyer? Do they just give him the credentials and expect the buyers to handle all the security measures?

5.Does their site utilize an integrated escrow service?

Trustap and other escrow services are ideal for online shopping. The funds are held in escrow until the buyer confirms everything, then released to the sellers.


The security of buyers is ensured by certain marketplaces, such as InstaDeal, through this feature. If anything goes wrong with the delivery or quality of the accounts, they can request a refund from Trustap.


Top-Rated Instagram Account Marketplaces 2024


With over 4 years of experience in purchasing and selling Instagram accounts, as well as cultivating accounts for clients, Instadeal began its operations in early 2022.

Our main goal is to ensure a safe and secure transaction experience on Instagram accounts, focusing on screening, safety, anonymity, and quality control. 

Despite acknowledging possible limitations, we continuously work towards betterment. To summarize, here are lists of the advantages and disadvantages related to the factors mentioned above:



1- Manually listing each account by admins: 

Each account is closely vetted by our verification team to ensure real followers and activity, while also requesting updated demographic and activity insights to determine its value based on various metrics. If the account meets the criteria, we’ll promote it on InstaDeal.


2- Different channels of supports:

Customers can reach us round the clock (24/7) through email, WhatsApp, telegram, and online chat on the website.


3- Using onsite escrow service:

Buyers can purchase accounts with Trustap’s escrow service and benefit from buyer protection. All transactions from $100 and up can utilize this feature.


4- Many payment methods are available:

Buyers have multiple payment options, including credit cards, crypto currency, and bank transfer, while sellers benefit from irreversible payments like crypto currency.


5- 24 Hour Grace period for buyers:

After making a purchase, the buyers can enjoy a grace period. They have the option to test the account and assess the activity, and if they are unsatisfied, they can return it with no questions asked.


6- Competitive Prices:

We strive to offer accounts at the most affordable prices possible. You’ll notice a 40-60% lower price when you compare our prices to similar marketplaces.

7- Same day payment

Sellers will be paid on the same day they provide their account credentials to the admin.


1-Fewer accounts compared to similar marketplaces:

The process of evaluating and adding new accounts to the platform takes a lot of time. Although we prioritize quality, we understand the importance of quantity.


Currently, we have nearly 800 accounts for sale across 14 categories, but our goal is to reach 5000 accounts by Q1 2024. 



Potential buyers can make offers on Instagram accounts they want to buy through SocialTradia. There are more than 3800 accounts available in 20 different categories for them to choose from. The sellers need to provide demographic and activity insights, and each account is verified by the team before being listed. 


Prior to listing the account, they evaluate each account and negotiate the price with the sellers. They then list the account for double the price, claiming to usually receive offers at 40-50% of the listing price. Buyers and sellers cannot see the true price and deal amount. As an example, we once attempted to sell a 120K active fan page Instagram account through their platform for testing purposes. They made an offer of $750 for the account and listed it for sale on the website for $1900 +. Their pricing strategy results in prices significantly higher than the market (over 50%).


They offer multiple payment methods including credit cards, bank transfer, and Wise. Sellers do not have access to an irreversible payment method like crypto currency.


Each transaction is handled smoothly, with a dedicated agent monitoring for safety.


Both sellers & buyers must provide identification documents and sign a contract when selling Instagram accounts. While it enhances transaction security, it also exposes the identities of both parties, which can be both good and bad. 


1-There are over 3000 accounts, which is a high number.

2-Procedure for analyzing and assessing accounts.

3-Credit card payment is an option.



1-Prices are much higher compared to other marketplaces.

2-Requiring identification documents

3-Cryptocurrencies are not available as payment options



Since 2013, it has rapidly grown to become the top choice for listing social media properties. The service functions similarly to Craigslist, allowing anyone to create a listing. Fameswap, unlike the first two marketplaces, connects buyers and sellers directly as an escrow-style website. The buyers and sellers are aware of the precise price of the account sale, and Fameswap receives a 5% commission from the total amount, which can be paid by the seller, buyer, or split.

Fameswap offers more than 5000 Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok accounts for sale. Because of the lack of account auditing before listing, a large number of fake and ghosted accounts are found on their platforms. It takes approximately two weeks for the seller to receive his payout after the transaction. The initial price for sales is $8 per 1000 followers. 

On the internet, there is a large number of people who are dissatisfied with their service, alleging lost accounts, unpaid earnings, and fake followers from purchased accounts:


Fameswap’s escrow doesn’t secure the accounts after sellers send the credentials; they simply pass the details to the buyer. What worries me the most is how they would deal with a situation where a dishonest buyer gets hold of the account details, makes changes, and then falsely states that the password is not working. What happens if a novice buyer fails to secure the Instagram account correctly and the deceitful seller retrieves it after being paid?





1-A high number of accounts.

2-They also provide additional social media accounts like Youtube and Tiktok.

3- They accept many payment methods like bank wire, Paypal or Crypto.



1- The lack of verification of listings leads to many fake or botted accounts. 

2- The website gained a bad reputation because of a lack of admins/mods and malicious users scamming others.

3- Negative reviews spread across the internet.

4- Inadequate support.

5- Not Free. Demographic insights are not available for free users; subscription plans begin at $59 per month.

6- Their escrow doesn’t secure the accounts before handling to the buyer, so there would be huge potential to get scammed by both parties.

7-Transactions have a long turnaround time.



Insta-sale, a free marketplace created in 2018, allows buyers and sellers to discuss Instagram account details, agree on a price, and securely conduct transactions through the website’s escrow service. Their business model is similar to Fameswap, but with a higher commission fee of 10%. InstaSale only accepts Bitcoin as a payment option, which can be challenging for many users.

Their interface is designed to be user-friendly and minimize account search time. They have a fantastic support team that can only be reached through tickets.

They don’t secure the accounts in escrow before giving the details to the buyer, but they do monitor the transactions closely by logging into the Instagram account and associated email, which is a positive.

From my perspective, the main drawbacks of Instasale are the high number of low-quality and inactive accounts with only a few posts (as per the website’s listing rule of 12 posts). Pages that have changed from a model/naked pictures page to a different specific niche, attracting followers mainly from tier 3 countries like Iran or Iraq. The starting price for listings is $4 for every 1000 followers. 

Buyers are unable to access activity or demographic insights for account selection, relying solely on a brief description from the seller. 


1- Great interface and easy to search accounts 

2- Good support 

3- Fast transaction 

4- Transparent pricing between sellers and buyers

5- Feedbacks are available for users



1- Bitcoin is the only option for payments

2- Huge number of inactive / Botted accounts on the website

3- The absence of insights data makes it challenging for buyers to select accounts based on their needs.



They’ve been in this business for a long time, selling IG accounts on forums and their website. Thus, they comprehend the requirements for creating high-quality accounts with specific followers. Toofame is an online store, not a marketplace. The only accounts they sell are their own. 

They personally selected Instagram accounts with organic and genuine followers. Toofame guarantees account delivery within 24 hours of payment. Their guarantee allows you to return the product and get a refund within 7 days.

You can see the usernames of the Instagram accounts on the product page. It’s both good and bad. It benefits buyers by eliminating the need to contact support about their account, but puts the account at risk of being banned or scammed.

Buyers have the option to pay with Trustap escrow, providing them with protection. Cryptocurrency is an option as well.

In my opinion, the drawbacks include the limited number of accounts (less than 500) and the lack of important data such as demographic and activity insights for buyers to select the right account for their needs and target audience.


1-The user interface is excellent.

2- High quality accounts with organic followers

3-Buyers have a 7-day money back guarantee.

4- Escrow payment is available 

5- Online support is available

6- 24 hours account delivery



1- The number of accounts is below 500, quite low.

2- The absence of critical insights into the demographic and activity of each account.


In the upcoming section of this guide, we’ll discover five other highly-rated marketplaces, online shops, and forums where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts.

Conclusion:Top Marketplaces for Buying Instagram Accounts

In the ever-evolving world of social media, the top marketplace for buying Instagram accounts in 2024 has become a significant arena for those looking to quickly establish a brand or expand their reach. This detailed exploration highlights the various platforms available, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different needs and preferences. From the security of transactions to the authenticity of followers, the guide underscores the importance of careful consideration in choosing the right marketplace. It also emphasizes the need for buyer and seller protection, diverse payment options, and the critical role of customer support and transaction efficiency. 


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