10 Proven Tips for Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts

Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts

Introduction:How to Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts?

So, if you’re thinking about safely purchasing Instagram accounts it’s probably because starting an Instagram account from scratch can be – well, a bit like watching paint dry. Slow, tedious, and sometimes downright frustrating. But an established account often comes with a ready-made audience, past engagement metrics, and sometimes even a niche or brand identity in place. It’s the digital equivalent of moving into a furnished apartment—no need to decorate or buy furniture; everything’s set.

While the idea of buying an established account might sound dreamy, the process is riddled with pitfalls.From sellers peddling fake accounts with bought followers to those who’ll vanish into thin air after pocketing your money, the list is endless. In this article I try to cover everything you need to know before buying an Instagram account.

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Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts-legal consideration

Legal Considerations: Keeping It Above Board

Is it legal & safe to purchase Instagram accounts?

 It’s not illegal, but it is against the rules set by Instagram. From a legal standpoint – Instagram’s terms of service are as clear as a bell. When you sign up, you essentially enter an agreement with Instagram. They state, quite explicitly, that you cannot “buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username)”. So, while it isn’t “illegal” in the sense that you won’t have the police knocking on your door, it’s a breach of the platform’s terms. 

So, technically, buying an account is against the rules, and Instagram can shut down the account if they catch you. The most important question you should ask is how Instagram identifies accounts that have been exchanged for cash before buying. Owning various devices and logging in from multiple IPs into one’s own IG account is possible for anyone. Instagram cannot confirm the purchase of an account at this stage. So, is it against the law to purchase or sell Instagram accounts? That’s not quite right.

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Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts-general guide

General Guide:How to Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts?


First thing’s first, always – and I mean always – do your due diligence. Look at the account’s history, posts, engagement, followers, and the like. Does something smell fishy? Like an abnormally high follower count but low engagement? Red flag! Avoid accounts that seem too good to be true . You know, like those “miracle” weight loss pills?


Now, talking about payments, never, ever make direct bank transfers, especially to strangers. Trustworthy escrow services are your best bet. They hold onto the funds until both parties are satisfied. It’s like having a babysitter for your money.


Another pro tip? Engage with the account before buying. Send them a DM, comment on their posts. Gauge their responsiveness. If they’re active and engaging, that’s a good sign. If they’re more elusive than a unicorn… well, you get the picture.


Communication is key. When you’re in talks with a potential seller, pay close attention to how they handle questions. If they dodge them, or give vague answers – red flag! A genuine seller has nothing to hide and will be transparent.

Lastly, I know it’s tempting to rush in, especially when you think you’ve found “the one”. But patience, my friend, is a virtue in this game. Take your time. Research. Ask questions. And always – always – listen to that little voice inside your head.

Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts-tips before buying

5 Important Tips to Follow Before Buying Instagram Accounts

There are important steps to follow before buying Instagram accounts. Follow these tips to make sure your investment is safe and secure and avoid any traps.  

  1. Research the Seller reputation

It’s vital to know who you’re doing business with. Look for reviews or testimonials about the seller. If there are many negative reviews or none at all, that’s a red flag. Be sure to ask the seller questions about the account’s history as well. 

  1. Verify the Authenticity of Followers

Many accounts inflate their follower numbers with bots and fake profiles – it’s a dirty little secret in the world of Instagram. But you’re in luck! There are tools out there that can help you gauge the authenticity of an account’s followers. If an account has 100,000 followers but only 10 likes on each post? That’s fishy, my friend. 

  1. Check the Content

It’s important to look at the quality of the content posted on the account. Is it consistent? Is it relevant to the niche you’re interested in? If the account posts low-quality content or content that doesn’t align with your goals, it might not be a good investment. 

  1. Get the OGE

To create an Instagram account, email or phone registration is necessary. OGE stands for the email used to create the account. Securing the original email used to create the Instagram account can be a lifesaver when it comes to potential recovery or security issues. So, when you’re sealing the deal, make sure you don’t forget about this small yet crucial detail.

  1. Use Escrow Service

Use an escrow service when making the transaction. What’s that, you ask? It’s a third-party service that holds the payment until both buyer and seller are satisfied with the terms of the sale. I cannot stress how important this is. It’s like having a security blanket; ensuring you don’t get swindled out of your hard-earned cash.

Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts-tips after buying

5 Important Tips to Follow After Buying Instagram Accounts

Alright, so you’ve successfully purchased an Instagram account. Now, what next? Here are five tips to follow after buying Instagram accounts to ensure you’re not only safely navigating the platform, but also maximizing your investment.

No.1: Change All Account Information:   

Changing all account information should be the first step. The account’s email address, password, and phone number are all part of this. To secure your new Instagram account and prevent the previous owner from regaining access, this step is crucial. To secure your account properly, it’s mandatory to add a recovery phone and email, disconnect linked devices, and secure Gmail.

No.2: Review and Understand the Account Analytics:

Get to know your new audience. Delve into the account’s analytics to understand the demographics, peak engagement times, and what type of content performs best. This data is invaluable in shaping your content strategy moving forward.

No.3: Gradually Change the Content Style:

If you’re thinking of changing the style or theme of the account’s content, do it slowly. A sudden change may result in losing followers. Take your time introducing new types of content and assess how the audience reacts. If you do too many activities in a short amount of time, Instagram may become suspicious and restrict your new account.

No.4: Engage with the Audience:

It’s important to build a rapport with your new followers. Engage with them through comments, likes, and direct messages. This will not only increase your engagement rates, but also create a community feel, making followers more likely to stick around.

No.5: Monitor Account Activity:

If you want to boost engagement on your account, it’s important to post content that is relevant to your niche and then track the engagement indexes such as likes, comments, and views. 

Where is the best place to Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts?


When it comes to purchasing Instagram accounts, there are three different options available for you to choose from. There are three different ways to make purchases, the first one is by using middleman services, the second one is by buying directly from sellers, and the third one is by purchasing from online shops and marketplaces.


Every option has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. The use of middleman services is a recommended approach, for instance, as it can protect against scams. Despite this, it is crucial to recognize that most of these services do not take the necessary steps to verify the genuineness and engagement of the accounts.


The advantage of purchasing from sellers directly is the lower cost, however, the likelihood of being scammed is significantly higher.


When it comes to purchasing online, it may be a more favorable choice to buy from online shops like InstaDeal since they conduct a verification check on every account in order to detect any fraudulent or bot-generated engagement.

One of the benefits of marketplaces such as InstaDeal is that they offer a 24-hour grace period, during which you can fully test your account and review the activity. If you are not satisfied with the results, you have the option to return the account and receive a refund for your purchase.

Safely Purchasing Instagram Accounts; Final Thoughts

Safely purchasing Instagram accounts is much like buying a used car. Sounds odd, huh? But stick with me on this. When you’re looking to buy a car, you don’t just hand over the cash and drive off without checking the brakes, mileage, or even if the darn thing has an engine. Similarly, when acquiring an Instagram account, there are some crucial checks and precautions you need to take – or you might just find yourself with a real lemon. 

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