What Are the Consequences of Buying an Instagram Account Without the Original Email?

Buying Instagram Account Without the Original Email

Introduction: Buying an Instagram Account Without the Original Email

Being a specialist in social media growth, I’ve witnessed many shortcuts and their tempting appeal. Buying Instagram accounts has turned into a marketplace hustle, bypassing the grind for instant followers. However, let’s discuss the dangers of purchasing Instagram accounts without the original email. Picture this scenario: you’ve recently acquired an account. It looks amazing, with a huge following. Suddenly, bam! You’re locked out, and that “seller”? Disappeared without a trace. Why? Access recovery becomes an unsolvable puzzle without the original email.

Now, you might think, “But I’ve got the login credentials” Sure, but that’s only half the battle. The original email is associated with the account’s origins. It’s commonly used for password resets, account recovery, and is often the primary contact for Instagram support. 


It’s the proof that you own it, your safety net. It can be a nightmare to regain control of the account without it, in case things go wrong. In the upcoming sections, we’ll thoroughly explore the details of purchasing an account without the original email – the positives, negatives, and drawbacks. We should analyze the risks, comprehend the consequences, and find a smart and safe way to navigate this challenging situation.

The Original Email of Instagram Account: Why Does It Matter?

The email address used to create the account is the original email address. It makes no difference how many times you change the email on your contact’s option. Your initial email is still considered an Instagram Original Email and remains the primary tool for account or password recovery. In a previous article, we discussed how to determine the original email of your account.

The buyer may request this email to be provided with the Instagram account credentials due to a security flaw/feature linked to the original email address, allowing the seller to regain access to the Instagram account. Why? because Instagram introduced a new function in 2020 that allows account restoration using the original email. With the new feature, owners can restore an account using the initial email and verifying their ownership. If anything happens to your Instagram account, the first thing support will ask for is this.


Consequence 1: Increased Risk of Account Recovery Failure

Purchasing Instagram accounts carries risks, such as the possibility of the account being hacked and reclaimed by the previous owner. However, let’s delve into the accounts recovery process and learn how to manage it effectively. Account recovery can be a lengthy process. To recover your Instagram account, visit the Instagram login page and click “get help signing in” (Android) or “forgot password” (iPhone). You can receive the login link on Instagram through email or phone. Typically, you won’t have access to these since the new owner likely changed it to their own email or phone. You need to click on “Can’t reset your password?”

Instagram prompts you on the next page to indicate if there are any pictures or videos of you in the account, with two options available. 

If there are any pictures or videos on the page, just send a selfie video to Instagram support for assistance in accessing your account. These steps only apply to a device that is already logged in. 


In most Instagram niche bases, the second scenario occurs when there is no picture of yourself in the account.

Here if you use login with the very same device you used to login to your account (Instagram holds the cache & cookies of that account), Instagram will allow you to fill up a form in which you have to put the original email you created the account with and other data and hope Instagram support will get convinced and send you a new login link. 

However, if you don’t have access to the device you used to log in from, it is highly unlikely that you can recover the account and you will likely be redirected to the Instagram help center without support access.

recovering instagram account with original email
Vulnerability to Hacking without Instagram Account original email

Consequence 2: Vulnerability to Instagram Account Hacking

Hacking accounts is a significant issue in the realm of social media. Several well-known Instagram users have also been affected by this problem. In late April 2022, a criminal allegedly hacked the Instagram account of Bored Ape Yacht Club, a prominent NFT collective. According to reports, a hacker tricked the account’s followers with a phishing attack, resulting in the theft of $3 million worth of NFTs. “Russian hackers” reportedly took over the account of Gabriel Clark, a 12-year-old who gained 256,000 followers for his woodworking skills and charity work for Ukrainian children affected by the war, as claimed by his father. 

Hacking is common in the Instagram accounts buying and selling business. With access to both your original email and a device used to login, someone can easily regain access by following the steps mentioned before. Picture this: you purchased a new account from a seller without the original email. He has the option to follow the recovery steps and assert that his/her account was hacked. He can do it using the same phone they used to log in, so Instagram trusts their device. Typically, the new login link from Instagram will be sent to their email inbox, regardless of any changes you’ve made. I’m referring to things like passwords, emails, posts, and so on. In most instances, they can restore access. 

However, the recovery process of the accounts also relies heavily on chances, yes, you heard me correctly. Sometimes, even with access to the original email and familiar device, we couldn’t recover the account for clients. Additionally, we successfully recovered the account from scammers in numerous situations.

Difficulties in Selling the Instagram Account without original email

Consequence 3: Difficulties in Selling the Instagram Account

Selling your Instagram account later becomes more difficult because of the reasons mentioned above. Buyers often demand the original email with account credentials to minimize the chances of future account recovery. So if you’re buying a new Instagram account without OGE for flipping, you should know it may take much longer to sell it later. 

On InstaDeal, we ensure the sale of Instagram accounts without original email by incorporating a time buffer of at least 72 hours. This allows Instagram to build trust in the new device and associated changes, such as the new email. The funds will be held by us during this time to ensure the buyer’s safety.

As mentioned earlier, there have been instances where previous owners could regain access to the account even after several days, hence it is crucial to find reliable sources when purchasing Instagram accounts.


It’s a very hard task to recover your Instagram account without accessing the original email. In rare cases, Instagram will allow recovery options once you sign in from a very trusted (old) device so you can check it out.

You need to do the security procedure, like turning on 2FA and setting a complex password. Also, make sure to secure the associated email,too.

Request activity and story insights to validate the followers. Additionally, when purchasing directly, request proof of ownership from the seller.

Conclusion:Buying an Instagram Account Without the Original Email

Ultimately, purchasing an Instagram account without the original email entails substantial risks and challenges. Buyers are at risk of account recovery failure, hacking vulnerability, and reselling difficulties with this practice. The original email is essential for account security and recovery on Instagram. Without it, buyers risk losing control of the account to previous owners or hackers. Despite extra security measures, the account’s value in the resale market can greatly decrease without the original email. Hence, potential buyers must carefully assess these risks and evaluate the long-term consequences of the purchase.

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