Why You Should Consider Buying Verified Instagram Accounts

why Buying Verified Instagram Accounts

Introduction:Why Buying Verified Instagram Accounts?

Straight to the question, Why buying verified Instagram accountsFirst off, what’s a verified account? The verification badge is Instagram’s way of saying, “Hey, we’ve checked out this account, and it’s the real deal!” It’s a mark of authenticity. You see, in the vast world of social media, where there are countless copycats and impersonators, this badge is a breath of fresh air. It provides an assurance that you’re interacting with, or following, the genuine account, not some imposter.

and don’t even get me started on the credibility factor. If you’re a business or a budding influencer, that blue tick? It’s like a seal of approval. People take you seriously. It’s like – bam! You’re instantly credible. So, if you’re thinking about upping your Instagram game, keep reading:

  • Buy Instagram account (Meta Verified eligible) for a low price of $349 from InstaDeal. Approval is assured within a few hours or 1-2 days after delivering the accounts.
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Why is it important to Buy Instagram Verification?

The benefits of an Instagram Verification Badge

  • Credibility Boost: The blue tick serves as a badge of authenticity.

Having it next to your name implies that you’re the real deal, not an imposter or a copycat. Feels good, doesn’t it?


  • Increased Trust: Users tend to trust verified profiles more.

When they see that badge, it’s like a silent nod from Instagram saying, “Hey, this account is legit”. Trust me; it makes a world of difference.


  • Higher Visibility in Search Results: The algorithm loves it!

Verified profiles often pop up more prominently in search results. It’s like having a VIP pass to the Instagram search party.

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  • Access to New Features: Get ahead of the game.

Sometimes, Instagram rolls out features first to its verified community. Kinda like being in an exclusive club, huh?


  • Deters Copycats and Impersonators: Ward off those pesky imitators.

With a verified badge, impersonators think twice before copying your content or pretending to be you. It’s a clear signal to them – back off!


  • Attracts Brand Collaborations: Doors swing wide open.

Brands often feel more comfortable collaborating with verified profiles. So, if you’re looking for that lucrative partnership, this might be your golden ticket.


  • Professional Appeal: Elevate your brand’s image.

There’s something about that badge that just screams professionalism, don’t you think? It’s like having a stamp of approval.


  • Increased Engagement: More likes, comments, and interactions.

Oddly enough, users tend to engage more with verified profiles. I guess there’s a psychological factor at play. Makes you think, huh?


  • Priority Support: Run into a problem? Instagram’s got your back.

Verified accounts often receive faster response times from Instagram’s support team. Oh, the joys of feeling prioritized!


  • Building a Stronger Community: It’s not just about the numbers.

With verification, you attract genuine followers who value authenticity. A verified badge might just be the beacon for that authentic connection you’ve been seeking.

What Are Meta Verified Eligible Accounts?

Meta verified eligible accounts are essentially a step below the verified ones.They indicate that the account meets Meta’s (you know, Facebook’s parent company) criteria to be considered for verification. It’s like being on the waiting list for the hottest club in town. It doesn’t mean you’re in, but you’re on the radar, which is super cool in its own right. Plus, being eligible gives you a leg up and shows that you’re serious about your online presence.


Who Has Access to Meta Verified?

At present, the “Meta Verified” badge is available in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.


For those keen to get on board, here’s your checklist:


  1.   You need to be at least 18 year old 
  2.     Having a Profile associated with your full name and a profile picture of your face.
  3.     An ID that matches your profile.
  4.     Two factor authentication must be turned on 
  5.     Been active and created some posts before 

Buying Verified IG accounts vs Buying Meta verified eligible Accounts

What to know Before you pay to get verified on Instagram:

Before shelling out your hard-earned cash to get that coveted blue tick, there’s a laundry list of things you need to be aware of. First and foremost, Instagram’s verification isn’t just a status symbol – it signifies authenticity. It’s a mark that tells your followers, “Hey, I’m the real deal!”. While it might seem tempting to get that blue tick by any means necessary, there’s a clear difference between buying a verified account and buying an account that’s eligible for Meta verification.


Pros and Cons of Buying a Verified Account vs Buying a Meta Verification Eligible Account:

Buying A Verified Instagram Account:




  • Instant Credibility: A verified account brings instant credibility. It’s like a VIP badge that sets you apart from the crowd. It also boosts trust among followers and potential clients.
  • Better Engagement: Oddly enough, that little blue tick can lead to higher engagement rates. People tend to interact more with verified accounts, probably because they see them as more authoritative.




  • Cost: Purchasing a verified account can cost an arm and a leg. It’s an investment, and not everyone has the resources for it.
  • Risk of Scams: The online world is rife with scams. There’s always a risk that you could be buying an account that’s been artificially inflated or that Instagram might take down later. 
  • No Guarantee of Continued Verification: Instagram reserves the right to remove verification at any time if the account violates their policies. You might lose the badge.


On the other hand, purchasing a Meta verification eligible account means you’re buying an account that qualifies for verification but hasn’t been verified yet. It’s like buying a ticket to a lottery – it might pay off, or it might not.


Buying a Meta Verified Eligible Account:



  • More Affordable: Usually, these accounts come at a fraction of the cost of an already verified one. Currently, you can buy Meta verified eligible accounts for 349$ on Insta Deal.
  • Built Reputation: These accounts have often been cultivated for a good amount of time and have a solid reputation in their niche.




  • No Guarantee: Just because an account is eligible doesn’t mean it will definitely get verified. With USA based accounts, your chances are much higher.
  • Time-Consuming: You might have to show some documents like ID and a selfie video.
  • You have to pay USD $11.99 monthly subscription.





Meta Verified eligible accounts

  • Low cost (Currently 349$ on InstaDeal)


  • Possible to modify the username and name after buying


  • Paying the monthly subscription ensures the blue badge is not lost.
  • 10-30 days of waiting for approval from Instagram


  • Monthly subscription ($11.99 USD) 
  • Need ID and other verification documents to apply

Instagram Verified Accounts  

  • The account has the blue tick once you buy it


  • No need for verification request 
  • The cost is more than a few thousand dollars, and it’s extremely high.


  • Possibility of losing the blue badge later.


why Buying Verified Instagram Accounts-How much Does Meta Verified Subscription Cost

How much Does Meta Verified Subscription Cost?

Meta Verified costs $11.99 (USD) a month on the web, and $14.99 (USD) a month on iOS and Android systems.

How to Purchase Meta Verified eligible Instagram Accounts from InstaDeal Without Breaking the Bank?

All Instagram accounts can request verification but only a few countries have the option for meta verification. Other countries must wait in line. InstaDeal has a few verified accounts in stock for sale that you can customize and apply for verification. You can obtain the lovely blue badge next to your name by paying the monthly Instagram subscription fee once your verification request is approved.


How Hard Is It To Get Instagram Verified?

The platform wants to ensure that only genuine and prominent figures or brands receive that coveted blue tick – it’s a badge of authenticity, after all.


For starters, you must meet Instagram’s list of criteria, which includes being notable, authentic, unique, complete, and public. But here’s the kicker – even if you meet all these requirements, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get verified. It’s like being left hanging for a high-five. To top it all off, if you don’t get verified, you have to wait 30 days before applying again. So, if at first you don’t succeed, well… you know the rest.


Many people assume that just because they have a significant following, they’ll automatically get that blue tick. Ah, if only! Instagram isn’t just looking at your follower count. They’re digging deeper, assessing your overall engagement, the quality of your posts, and whether you’re making waves in your industry or niche.If you’re a content creator or a business striving for that verification, patience is definitely a virtue you’ll need in your arsenal. And hey, while it’s an uphill battle, remember, every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.


The Process of Instagram Verification

To request for verification directly on your account :


  1. Head to your Instagram profile and hit the three-line icon at the top right.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Choose Account.
  4. Click on Request Verification.
  5. Time to fill out the form:
  6.  Your official name.
  7.  Your alias or professional pseudonym (if you have one).
  8. Pick your niche or sector (like digital creator, athletics, media, enterprises, etc.)
  9. Don’t forget to attach a valid government ID snapshot. If you’re an individual, your driver’s license or passport works. Businesses? A utility bill, official documentation, or tax statement should suffice.
  10. Press Send.


Summary of Why should you consider buying verified Instagram account?

The reason Why buying verified Instagram accounts is a good idea is Buying Verified Instagram Accounts ensures credibility and visibility on Instagram. This badge is not just a frivolous accessory; it’s a seal of authenticity, a mark of distinction that instantly elevates an account’s status, providing tangible benefits like enhanced visibility on the platform and protection against impersonation. 

The process of obtaining this badge is complex and not always guaranteed, leading to the emergence of a market to buy verified accounts. By purchasing a META-verified eligible account and paying the monthly subscription fee, you can easily obtain a blue badge.

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