How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account In 2023

How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account

Intro: How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account


I’m getting asked many times by friends and clients how to easily grow your Instagram account and get the attention of other users. Well, it’s not an easy task. Instagram Isn’t just about those envy-inducing vacation snaps or cute dog pics anymore! It’s become an intricate web of strategies, content planning, and – dare I say it? – algorithms that might as well be the Rubik’s cube of social media.

Remember, in this digital age, your Instagram account can be so much more than just a photo album. It’s your brand, your voice, and in some cases, even your business. So, if you’re ready to make those numbers shoot up – and I’m talking followers, engagement, etc let’s unravel the mysteries together.


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How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account-Proven methods to increase Instagram followers in 2023

Proven methods to increase Instagram followers in 2023


If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that trends may shift, but foundational strategies remain. 

First off, I’ve got to hand it to consistent posting. It’s like the bread and butter of Instagram. If you’re not posting consistently, you’re out of sight, out of mind. And trust me, no one wants that. But it’s not just about posting any random picture, it’s about meaningful content. Which brings me to…


The Power of Visual Storytelling


A picture can speak a thousand words, but only if you’re telling the right story. Using visuals to convey emotions, ideas, or narratives is paramount in grabbing attention. Say you’re promoting a product – instead of just showcasing the product, why not show it in use, revealing its benefits, or even its transformative power? Trust me, people love to be taken on a journey, even if it’s through a single image. And always remember, quality over quantity. A well-composed, high-quality image is more likely to get engagements than a blurry, thoughtless snap.

Alright, moving on to my next gem…


Building Your Brand


It’s more than just a logo or a catchy name. It’s the essence, the soul of your Instagram account. What’s your story? What values do you uphold? And, most importantly, how do you convey this to your audience? Establishing a clear brand voice and aesthetic is crucial in today’s saturated Instagram landscape.

Your color palette, the tone of your captions, even the music you use in reels or stories – they all contribute to brand building. And here’s a little secret: consistency in branding builds trust. When people recognize and resonate with your brand, they are more likely to engage, follow, and even advocate for your content. Talk about hitting the jackpot, right?

How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account-Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram Growth

Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram Growth


Let me walk you through some proven tactics:

Plan Content With a Social Media Calendar

Picture this: You’re in charge of several social media accounts, juggling posts, themes, and platforms. How do you keep everything straight and ensure that no two posts are too alike? Enter the social media calendar – your lifeline in the bustling world of online content.

At its core, a social media calendar is like your personal assistant for the digital realm. It’s a blueprint that lays out your entire social media plan, from daily posts to long-term campaigns. With it, you can spot special events, manage deadlines, and see all your campaigns from a bird’s eye perspective.


Why the fuss about this digital calendar, you ask?


  • Clear Vision: No more scrambling at the last minute. You get a clear panorama of your post schedule, ensuring a balanced mix of content for your audience.


  • No Repetitions: Say goodbye to the accidental posting of the same content or themes. Your calendar will make sure each post is fresh and unique.


    • Teamwork Made Easy: Working with a team? A calendar streamlines delegation. Handing out tasks becomes a breeze, making collaborations smoother.
How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account-Photography Tips Create AR Filters

Photography Tips: Create AR Filters

If you’re into leveraging Instagram for your business, chances are you’ve dabbled with Instagram Stories. This feature has proven to be a magnet for the younger crowd. As of 2019, a whopping half a billion accounts were interacting with Stories each day, with a majority of these users—67% to be exact—being between 18 to 29 years old. The appeal? Its playful attributes like polls, Q&A sessions, and the ever-popular AR filters. Wondering how to wield Stories to amplify your brand presence? We’re here to guide you.

Now, let’s talk AR filters. Imagine adding a sprinkle of digital magic to the live feed from your camera. That’s exactly what AR filters do. Take Instagram’s well-known face filters: the canine-themed filter, for instance, playfully adds doggy features on your face. As you tilt or turn, the digital additions respond, giving a lifelike feel. Another crowd-pleaser is the “Hello 2020” filter that gifts you a pair of 2020-themed glasses and showers your screen with virtual balloons.

While AR might seem straight out of a sci-fi flick, Instagram Stories has been riding this wave since 2017, starting with the introduction of face filters. The game changed when Instagram introduced the Spark AR Studio—a tool from its parent company, Facebook. By August 2019, the gates were thrown open, allowing the masses to craft their personalized AR filters for Stories.

So, why does this matter for businesses? Especially if you’re looking to charm the younger populace on Instagram, this tool is golden. Let’s not forget: two-thirds of all Instagram aficionados are youngsters aged between 18 to 29. Moreover, businesses rule the Stories arena, with their content making up a third of the most-watched Stories.


Considering dipping your toes into custom AR filters? Here’s what they can do for your brand:


  • Showcase Your Brand’s Essence: A custom AR filter can be a mirror to your brand’s character, particularly if it’s quirky or light-hearted. More so, it can accentuate what sets you apart from the crowd.


  • Forge Bonds with Your Followers: The year 2019 witnessed over 500 million accounts bonding over Instagram Stories daily. With 60% of business Stories sprinkling in interactive elements, the engagement rate skyrocketed. Custom AR filters have emerged as the new-age tool to keep this engagement soaring.


Optimize Posts With Hashtags and Captions

Picture this: you snap a stunning photo, pair it with a captivating caption, and are ready to share it on Instagram. But wait! Don’t forget the cherry on top: hashtags. What might seem like simple pound signs (#) have a lot more depth than you think.

Hashtags work like digital labels, guiding your posts to those who might find them interesting. Ever wondered why some posts get seen by folks you’ve never interacted with? It’s the magic of well-chosen hashtags. They present your content to potential followers and, dare we say, future loyal customers.

Not too long ago, Instagram dropped a bit of wisdom: focus on 3-5 meaningful hashtags rather than cramming up to 30. This new direction is all about quality over quantity. With Instagram fine-tuning its search and discovery tools, a more selective approach to hashtags ensures your content shines in the right places and avoids the dreaded spam trap.

But hold on! Before you start hashtagging away, it’s smart to diversify. Consider these categories:


  • Local Vibes: Pinpoint your post’s location. Examples? Think #BryantPark or #LowerEastSide.
  • Brand Buzz: Running a campaign or event? Design a tag, like #LaterCon.
  • Niche Notes: Define your industry niche with tags like #SocialMediaMasters or #WeddingWizards.
  • Community Connectors: Stir the spirit of community with #VanLifeVentures or #SweatyBettySquad.
  • Descriptive Details: Literally describe your post. Crisp examples are #CracklingCandles or #ButterySheaGoods.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula when sprinkling these categories onto your posts, but keeping them in your toolkit will definitely spice up your hashtag game. Remember, it’s all about connecting with the right crowd, and with a pinch of creativity, hashtags can be your best ally!


Engaging with Your Community

Dive into the world of Instagram with these handy tricks:


  • Play Around with Stories Stickers: Sprinkle some fun on your stories. Stickers aren’t just for decoration – they’re conversation starters!


  • Craft Memes They’ll Love: We all need a good laugh. Why not create memes that resonate with your audience? Make them personal and relatable.


  • Design Graphics Worth Sharing: When your post is so good they just have to share it – that’s your target! Design compelling visuals that spread like wildfire.


  • Rotate Through Carousel Posts: Got lots to say? Carousel it! Showcase information slide by slide. It’s catchy and keeps them scrolling.


  • Nudge Them with Calls-to-action: A gentle push never hurt. Guide your followers with clear actions like “double tap if you agree” or “swipe left for more.”


  • Let Loose in Stories: Be you! Share glimpses of your day, what you love, or what makes you tick. Authenticity is the key.


  • Roll Out a Giveaway: Everyone loves freebies. Set up an exciting giveaway. It’s a win-win: your followers get goodies and you gain visibility.


  • Team Up for Reels: Two is always better than one. Collaborate with someone for a fun reel. It’s fresh, dynamic, and doubles the fun!


  • Try the ‘Add Yours’ sticker: Start a trend or a conversation. Use the ‘Add Yours’ sticker and let others join in on the fun.


  • Time Your Posts Right: Know when they’re watching. Post during your followers’ active hours. If they’re awake, they’re engaged.


  • Sprinkle the Right Hashtags: Think of hashtags as the cherry on top. Use the ones that fit your post and watch your visibility soar.


Reply to Comments, Messages, and Mentions

This one’s close to my heart. Every time someone takes out time to comment or message, they’re reaching out to you. By replying, you’re building a bond. Plus, it drives more engagement, making the algorithm favor you a tad bit more!

Collaborating With Influencers and Brands in Your Niche

In the realm of influencer marketing, it’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine of product reviews and sponsored posts. However, the secret to truly captivating collaborations lies in innovative thinking and fresh approaches. So, if you’re looking to revamp your influencer collaborations, here’s your guide to some game-changing ideas:


1. Launch Buzzworthy Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway or competition with an influencer can skyrocket your visibility. The idea is simple: the influencer gets their followers excited about a prize, and in return, you gain increased brand exposure and potentially grow your follower base. Remember, the key is to choose a prize that resonates with your target audience and mirrors your brand’s ethos.


2. Create Together

Imagine merging the uniqueness of an influencer with your brand to launch a co-branded product or service. This not only capitalizes on the influencer’s reach but also offers something special for the customers. From a joint fitness regime with a fitness buff to a clothing collection inspired by their style, the possibilities are vast.


3. Host Memorable Events

Inviting influencers to brand-related events or unique experiences can bolster the bond between your brand and the influencer. It could be anything, from a product launch to a unique challenge. These events serve as an avenue for influencers to dive deep into your brand’s world, leading to authentic content that resonates with their followers.


4. Spotlight Influencers in Your Content

Why not let the influencers take center stage in your brand’s content? Feature them on your blog, have them over for a podcast session, or collaborate on a video. This strategy not only elevates their expertise but also offers fresh perspectives to your audience.


5. Advocate Together for a Cause

Partnering with influencers on a shared cause or campaign can be a heartening experience. It’s a powerful statement, showing your brand’s commitment to making a difference. Whether it’s championing for an environmental issue or joining forces on a charity drive, such collaborations resonate deeply with audiences.


Using the Right Social Media Management tool

I’ve juggled multiple accounts, and it is chaotic without the right tools! Social media management tools help streamline posting, monitoring, and analyzing. Find the one that fits your needs, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


Post Interactive Instagram Stories

Stories are like that secret sauce. With polls, questions, and quizzes, you can drive high engagement. and always, always, use those stickers! Let’s dive into some insider secrets of mine:


  • Use Polls and Questions:

        They help in understanding what your audience really wants.

        They’re fantastic for direct interaction and feedback.


  • Stickers and GIFs: 

        They add an animated touch to your stories—captivating, ain’t it?

        Keep an eye out for trending stickers. They often boost visibility.


  • Swipe-Up Links (if you’ve got ’em): 

        Promote blog posts, products, or even new content.

        It’s a swift ticket to traffic heaven, if you use it judiciously.


  • Teasers and Countdowns: 

        Announce product launches or upcoming posts.



  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: 

        Show the unpolished, real side of your brand or life.

        People relate to it – they just do.


  • Collaborate with Influencers: 

        Sharing each other’s stories can attract new followers from both sides.

        Just ensure your collaboration feels genuine. People can spot a sham from miles away.


  • Incorporate Music: 

        Set the mood with trending tracks or soothing beats.

        But watch out! Not everyone appreciates blaring tunes out of the blue…


  • Engage in Trending Challenges: 

        Participate in trending challenges or start your own!

        It’s a surefire way to gather some eyeballs.


  • Use Location Tags: 

         It’s not just about WHERE you are, but WHO you attract.

         Pinpoint your story to a locale or event.

        Broadens the reach and might even snag you some local followers.


  • Engage with Viewer Responses: 

        Reply to comments, DMs, or reactions to your stories.



Instagram Analytics: Post when your audience is online

Would you shout into an empty room? Posting when your audience is offline feels just like that. Dive into those analytics, see when your audience is most active, and voila – better engagement rates!


Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

Got other social media platforms or a website? Fantastic! Cross-promotion can drive traffic from those platforms to your Instagram. It’s all about maximizing your reach.

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

The times I’ve sat down to analyze what competitors are up to! It offers insights, do’s and don’ts, and helps shape your strategy. If you want to grow on Instagram, you’ve got to know the game around you. Here’s the deal:


  • Spy with a Purpose: The idea isn’t just to snoop. Check out your competitor’s content, engagement rates, posting frequency, and followers. This isn’t about copying, but rather understanding what works and what doesn’t in your niche.


  • Spot Their Best Performing Posts: Dive deep and see which posts get the most engagement. Is it a particular type of content? A specific posting time? These little nuggets of info can be gold!


  • Engagement Rate’s the Real MVP: I feel that follower count can sometimes be misleading. It’s the engagement rate that truly matters. How interactive are their followers? It gives you a hint about the quality of their audience.


  • Analyze Their Hashtags: Check which ones your competitors are using. Are there some you haven’t thought of? But remember – never overdo it.


  • Check Their Instagram Stories and reels: You’d be surprised how many people ignore this! Stories and Reels can provide insights into the type of additional content that resonates with their audience.


  • Collaboration Over Competition: This might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes it’s smart to collaborate with your competitors. You could co-host giveaways, shoutouts, or even IG Live sessions. It’s a win-win!


  • Feedback Loop: Honestly, I’ve always believed in keeping a finger on the pulse. What are people saying in the comments? Are there frequent complaints? Feedback can help you avoid some pitfalls.


  • Look Beyond Just Instagram: While we’re talking about Instagram, it wouldn’t hurt to see how your competitors are doing on other platforms. Cross-promotion strategies can sometimes be unearthed this way.


  • Apply for Instagram Verification Badge

    That blue tick – it’s not just for celebs. Verification enhances credibility. If you meet the criteria, why not give it a shot?

    You have simpler options like buying a meta verified eligible account and claiming your blue tick that way. Check out this article.


    Try Instagram ads

    Now, I’ve managed tons of Instagram accounts, big and small. And lemme tell you, when used right, Instagram ads can skyrocket your growth. It’s not just about slapping a photo up and hoping for the best. It’s about understanding your audience, crafting the right message, and—of course—a dash of creativity.


    So, why do Instagram ads work wonders? Well, for starters, they let you target specific audiences. Think about it. Maybe you’re selling, let’s say, vegan makeup. With Instagram ads, you can specifically target users interested in both vegan products and makeup.


    Another beauty of these ads? Flexibility. You can go for stories, feed posts, or even those nifty little carousel ads. Each has its own charm and purpose. Stories are great for quick, engaging content; feed posts for something more permanent; and carousels when you’ve got a lot to show and say.


    One last piece of advice? Don’t go overboard. Balance is key. Mix in organic content with your ads. Because while ads are great for visibility, genuine engagement comes from authentic content. 


    Conclusion:How To Easily Grow Your Instagram Account

    In the digital age, Instagram has evolved beyond just photos—it’s a platform for branding, business, and engagement. If you look for answers to how to easily grow your Instagram account, consistency, branding, engagement, and collaboration are paramount. It’s not just about numbers but building a community and brand loyalty.

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