10 Reasons Why Buying IG Accounts Boosts Conversions

Why Buying IG Accounts

Intro:Why Buying IG Accounts 

You may ask why buying IG accounts instead of growing your account from scratch? You’ve probably heard murmurs about businesses and influencers buying existing Instagram accounts. And while it might raise eyebrows for some, there’s no denying the potential advantages.

Buying an IG account isn’t just about getting a higher follower count – You’re basically leveraging an existing community and tapping into a pre-engaged audience. When you buy an established IG account, you’re not starting from zero. You’ve got a running start, a leg up, a jump on the competition! 

But, of course, as with all things, there are considerations to consider. Not every account will fit your brand or message, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. Alright, let’s peel back the layers and uncover the reasons that make this strategy an ace up the sleeve for many. Ready? Onward!

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1. Immediate Access to a Larger Audience

The most tempting allure of buying an IG account is that immediate access to a wider audience. Imagine this: You’re a newbie and got great content, but the growth is… well, let’s just say it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Slow and steady might win some races, but in the dynamic world of social media? Not so much. Now, you stumble upon an account for sale with, let’s say, 20k followers. That’s 20k people already intrigued by similar content. By buying that account, you’ve just leapfrogged weeks, months, maybe even years of grind!

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why buying IG accounts-larger audience

2. Benefit from Pre-existing Engagement Rates

Have you ever wondered why some people start their Instagram journeys with a bang, while others struggle to get even a few likes? Well, the secret could very well be the pre-existing engagement rates of the accounts they buy.


Now, think about this. When you’re buying an IG account that already has a decent following and solid engagement rates – I’m talking likes, comments, and shares – it’s like you’re stepping into a room full of people already interested in what you have to say. Imagine walking into a party where everyone is eagerly waiting to chat with you. Exciting, isn’t it? That’s precisely what you’re getting.


By leveraging these pre-existing engagement rates, your content gets a higher chance of being seen by more people. The Instagram algorithm loves engagement! So, the more likes and comments your posts get, the more they’ll be showcased to even larger audiences. And guess what? This leads to even better conversion rates.


But, here’s a little tip – don’t just rest on the laurels of the account’s previous engagement. You’ve got to keep the momentum going. Keep posting fresh, relevant content that resonates with your new-found audience. Think of it as nurturing a garden. You’ve been handed a plot with blooming flowers. Now, it’s your job to water, prune, and tend to it, ensuring it flourishes even more.

Why Buying IG Accounts-better engagement

3. Tapping into Niche Markets

One of the undeniably savvy moves in digital marketing is targeting niche markets. When you purchase an established IG account, you’re essentially getting a golden ticket to tap into these niche markets. 


First off, each Instagram account, particularly those with a significant following, often revolves around specific interests or themes—be it vegan recipes, vintage car collections, or indie filmmaking. When you acquire one of these accounts, you’re not just gaining followers; you’re gaining targeted followers. And let me tell you, in the world of marketing, that’s like hitting a goldmine.


But why, you ask? Well, when you’ve got a group of followers already interested in a particular niche, the battle’s half-won! You’ve got an audience that’s already hungry for content in that specific domain. So, when you push products, services, or information related to that niche, the chances of them biting the bait is very high.

But, of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some niches might be saturated, and competition can be fierce. But hey, in the digital space, it’s all about finding your groove and sticking to it. And when you get it right… man, the results can be electrifying!

Why Buying IG Accounts-niche market

4. Tailored Content Strategy Opportunities


Once you’ve got your hands on a pre-existing IG account. You’re not just purchasing followers; you’re also obtaining a goldmine of data. It’s like inheriting a chest of secrets, and let me tell you why.


When you buy an Instagram account, you’re effectively stepping into someone else’s shoes. You get access to past posts, audience interactions, and engagement patterns. With all this data on your side, you have a chance – no, a golden opportunity – to dive deep and understand what content has worked and what hasn’t. This, my friend, provides a roadmap to tailoring a content strategy that’s perfect for the audience you’ve just inherited.


It’s kind of like getting a peek behind the curtain – seeing the likes, comments, and shares – and understanding the “whys” and “hows” behind them. And trust me, having this kind of insight is like being given the cheat codes. With this newfound wisdom, you can craft posts, stories, and reels that truly resonate with the audience, ensuring that your content is not just seen but deeply engaged with.

Instead of shooting in the dark, you’re creating content that you know – deep down – they’ll love. That connection, that bond – it’s what makes all the difference in the world of social media. It makes your content feel genuine, sincere, and tailored just for them.

Why Buying IG Accounts-content strategy

5. Inheriting a Trust Factor

Inheriting a trust factor: You know, in the world of social media, especially on platforms like Instagram, trust is everything. I mean, think about it. When you’re scrolling through your feed and you come across a brand-new account with minimal followers, what’s your first impression? Skepticism, right? 


Buying an established Instagram account comes with a built-in audience that’s already engaged. It’s like walking into a room where half the people already know your name – it feels good! These followers have already shown their loyalty to the account, and by extension, they’re more likely to be loyal to you.


Imagine trying to build a skyscraper from scratch versus renovating an existing one. When you buy an IG account, you’re essentially getting that solid foundation. People see the follower count, the engagement, and the history – and all of this screams credibility. This, my friends, is the “trust factor” we’re talking about.


Now, I’ve managed a handful of accounts and consulted with countless content creators. The number one concern? Trust and credibility. It’s a tough world out there, and people are always on the lookout for authenticity. Having an account with a history, with real followers, interactions, and a track record? That’s a head start.

Why Buying IG Accounts-trust factor

6. Reduced Costs on Paid Campaigns

Next reason: To save money! Let’s get down to brass tacks – when you buy a mature IG account, you’re essentially getting a leg up on the competition in terms of the audience. You know, it’s like when you snag that prime spot at the front of a concert. Why am I making this comparison? Well, an established Instagram account with a good follower base is much like that front-row spot: it allows you to be seen and heard without the jostle and hustle.


So, how does this relate to reduced costs on paid campaigns? When you have an Instagram account with a significant number of followers, your organic reach increases, which means more eyeballs on your content without paying a dime. This not only boosts your brand’s credibility, but also its visibility. Now, imagine coupling that with a paid campaign. The ROI? Phenomenal!


Moreover, when your organic engagement rates are high, Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor your content. This translates to a reduced cost-per-click or cost-per-impression when you do decide to run ads. So, it’s like getting a double whammy of benefits – amplified reach from an already engaged audience and a potential reduction in ad spend.


I’ve personally observed businesses fret over their rising ad costs on Instagram, and I’ve often advised them to consider buying established accounts. It’s not a magic wand – but, can it make a difference!

Why Buying IG Accounts-paid campigns

7. Instant Authority in the Industry


The authority in the industry is a factor that people often measure the credibility of a brand or influencer by the number of followers they have. It’s not the best metric, mind you, but it’s a prevalent one. So, when you buy an account with an established following, you’re essentially purchasing instant authority in the eyes of the users. You’re bypassing the grueling process of building from the ground up.


This established following can be a game-changer. It gives your brand a much-needed boost in visibility and trustworthiness. And guess what? Trust translates into conversions. People are more likely to engage with and buy from someone they perceive as a trusted figure in the industry.

Why Buying IG Accounts-authority

8. Monetizing from Day One

One of the prime reasons for buying IG accounts? Monetizing from day one. Alright, so imagine you’re launching a new product or service, and you need to get the word out pronto. You could start a brand-new IG account from scratch, but that could take ages to gain traction! Or, you could buy an established account and hit the ground running. 


Let me spill the beans. When you buy an established IG account, you’re essentially inheriting its existing audience. And guess what? An established audience translates to ready-to-go traffic. Instead of spending weeks, or even months, trying to grow your followers, you’ve got a group of people who are already there, eagerly awaiting your content. It’s like walking into a room full of potential customers instead of shouting from the street corner, hoping someone would notice.


Now, here’s the juicy bit – with an existing audience, monetizing becomes a piece of cake. Think sponsored posts, affiliate links, or even direct product promotions. Heck, with the right strategy, you can start seeing returns on your investment in no time! And the emotion when you see that ROI? pure bliss!


But there’s a flip side to it too. You’ve got to ensure that the account you’re purchasing aligns with your brand or product. I’ve seen individuals make the mistake of buying an account unrelated to their niche, and the results? Not so pretty.


Nevertheless, the sheer idea of immediate monetization is tantalizing. You skip the grueling phase of growing an account from scratch, and instead, you dive straight into the deep end, reaping rewards. And in the world of social media, where time is quite literally money, this can be a godsend.

Why Buying IG Accounts-monetizing

9. Reduced Time and Effort in Growth Strategy


The allure of reduced time and effort. So, imagine you’re trying to grow an Instagram account from scratch. Sounds daunting, right? The hours upon hours of content creation, engagement, and sheer elbow grease! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And trust me, it’s no walk in the park either.


When you buy an already-established Instagram account, it’s like you’re skipping several steps on a ladder. Why start from the ground up when you can begin a few rungs higher? The groundwork has already been laid out for you. It’s like moving into a furnished apartment versus an empty one. The basics are there, and you can just spruce things up to your liking!


There’s this overwhelming sense of relief that washes over you when you know you don’t have to start at square one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen clients with that glint in their eyes, realizing they don’t need to invest as much time or effort into growth strategies as they initially thought. They’re freed up to focus on creating quality content, refining their brand voice, or honing their engagement strategies.


But hold up! I’m not saying buying an account is a magic bullet. No, sir. It’s a tool – a very handy one at that. Like getting a head start in a race. But, and this is crucial, you still need to run! The beauty of it is, you’ll likely reach the finish line faster and with a bit less sweat on your brow.

10. Flexibility to Rebrand and Pivot


Flexibility to rebrand is another important factor because when you’re in the bustling world of Instagram, you’ll quickly realize that trends come and go like waves on a shore . And just like a surfer adjusting to the next big wave, sometimes you need to recalibrate, shift directions, and find a new angle to capture your audience’s attention. That’s where buying established IG accounts can really shine.


Let me paint a clearer picture for you. Imagine you’ve spent years building an account centered around, let’s say, outdoor fitness workouts. But then, bam! The world goes crazy for indoor cycling, and your audience is looking for that kind of content. With a purchased account, you’ve already got a sizable follower base, so you can pivot and rebrand with ease, introducing indoor cycling content to an eager audience. This kind of agility is what can make or break a digital brand.


Moreover, it’s not just about following trends. Say you’ve stumbled upon a unique niche that has potential, and you think, “Hey, I could totally rock this!” With a pre-existing account, you’re not starting from scratch. You have the freedom to reinvent, rebrand, and reintroduce yourself, all while having a solid following to kickstart your new venture.


It’s exhilarating, really. The idea of reshaping and redefining a digital presence – it’s like molding clay. The foundational shape is there, but you’ve got the artistic license to tweak and twist it however you see fit. And trust me, in the dynamic realm of Instagram, this flexibility isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Why Buying IG Accounts -rebranding

Conclusion:Why Buying IG Accounts 

Why buying IG accounts helps my conversion? Well, because every established Instagram account has its history. With that history comes a treasure trove of insights and provides you a great opportunity to tailor your content strategy based on proven results.


Let’s be clear; the digital landscape is all about agility. Pivoting and adapting based on real-time data is what separates the victors from the rest. By leveraging the insights from a purchased account, you can hit the ground running, creating content that you already know has a high chance of success.

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