How to Avoid Scams: A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts

Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts-How to Avoid Scams

Introduction:Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts

Do you need a guide to purchasing Instagram accounts? Or even you may ask why on earth would someone buy an Instagram account? Let me break it down for you. Firstly, there’s the allure of a ready-made audience. Imagine you’re a brand or influencer just starting out. Building an audience from scratch is not easy. It’s slow, it’s tedious, and well, it can be downright disheartening. So, if someone offers you an account with thousands or even millions of followers… that’s tempting, right? It’s a shortcut to visibility and influence.

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid protects both our wallets and online reputations. So let’s start.

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Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts-The Allure of Pre-established Instagram Accounts

The Allure of Pre-established Instagram Accounts

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Instant followers and engagement

Have you ever thought about the magic of having an audience at your fingertips? The idea is seductive – instead of starting from scratch, sweating over each follower, you get an account that already boasts a considerable number. However, let’s remember that it’s not always about the numbers. Sure, a large following means instant engagement – likes, comments, and shares right out of the gate. And let’s be honest, there’s a sort of thrill in skipping the painstaking grind of organic growth. But it’s not all sunshine and roses! There’s a murky side to these pre-established accounts that many don’t consider. What’s the authenticity of those followers? Do they genuinely resonate with your content? Or are they just empty numbers? It’s essential to mull over these questions.

Jumpstarting a brand or influencer career

Imagine you’re an emerging brand or an aspiring influencer – you’d give anything to be ahead in the race, right? Purchasing an Instagram account seems like a great shortcut, doesn’t it? It’s as if you’re leapfrogging ahead, bypassing the early stages of brand building. Voila – you’re suddenly a notable name with an audience that’s seemingly eager to interact. This kind of jumpstart can be particularly enticing for businesses looking for a quick return on investment or influencers wishing to land collaborations pronto. However – and here’s the crux – there’s an underlying risk. If the audience isn’t genuinely interested in your offerings, then, you might just face the music! It’s crucial to understand that true engagement and loyalty come from a genuine connection with your audience, not just a hefty follower count.

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Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts-Understanding the Risks

Understanding the Risks

You see, while the demand for established accounts grows, so does the number of crafty scammers ready to dupe you.


The prevalence of scams in the marketplace

Instagram is no stranger to scams. Heck, I’ve been around the block a few times, and even I’ve had to dodge a few sketchy offers. From accounts with fake followers to those operated from dubious locations, the pitfalls are numerous. There’s this weird fascination with having a large follower count, and that, my friends, has given birth to a whole industry of scams. 


Potential losses: Money, Time, and Reputation

Money? Sure, that stings when you lose it. But time and reputation? Those, my dear reader, are priceless. When you fall prey to these scams, not only do you lose the cash you shelled out, but you also waste precious time untangling yourself from the mess. And let’s not even talk about the reputational damage! Imagine being a known figure or a brand and then being associated with an account that’s linked to questionable activities. 

Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts:Red Flags to Watch Out For

Suspiciously low prices

You know what they say, “If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.” When you come across an Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers going for the price of a cup of coffee – pause! It’s a classic bait to lure unsuspecting buyers. I’ve seen countless times where creators get excited by a cheap deal, only to realize later that the account is filled with bots or inactive followers. Always remember: quality over quantity.


Overly generic or stock photos

Trust your gut here. If you’re scrolling through the account and all you see are stock images or photos that scream ‘generic’, tread carefully. It might be an indicator that the account isn’t genuine or, at the very least, lacks authenticity. Genuine accounts usually have a mix of personal, candid, and relevant content, so keep an eye out!


Accounts with minimal engagement compared to followers

Numbers can be deceptive. An account with 100k followers but only 50 likes on its posts? Major red flag! Engagement is the lifeblood of any social media account. If there’s a massive disparity between the follower count and actual engagement, it’s likely the followers aren’t genuine. Always check the comments, likes, and overall interaction before making a decision.


Recent and unexplained spikes in follower count

Check the account’s growth rate – if there’s a sudden, unexplained spike in followers without a clear reason (like viral content or shoutouts), be cautious. This could signify that the followers were purchased or the account used sketchy growth tactics. Ask for growth insights from sellers in different timeframes; they can be real lifesavers.


Vague or inconsistent account history

Dig a little into the account’s past. A genuine account will have a consistent history that aligns with its niche or theme. If one day it’s about fitness, the next about vintage cars, and then suddenly about baking – something’s fishy. Inconsistency might mean the account has changed hands multiple times or has been repurposed to appeal to different audiences.

Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts-Evaluating an Account's Authenticity

Evaluating an Account’s Authenticity

Checking the account’s engagement rate


The engagement rate is like the heartbeat of an Instagram account. It’s a quick way to measure the ratio of interactions on posts compared to the number of followers. Ideally, a healthy account should have an engagement rate between 1-3%. Anything higher might seem great, but be wary – it can be a red flag for fake engagement. On the other hand, if the rate too low, it could mean that the audience isn’t genuinely interested in the content. Always trust your gut feeling, but also back it up with some numbers, alright?


Reviewing the quality of followers


You might have come across accounts boasting thousands of followers, but on a closer look – many of them could be fake or ghost followers. You know, those profiles with no profile pictures, zero posts, and bizarre usernames filled with numbers and symbols? yes, those! Make sure to dive deep and skim through the follower list. If a significant chunk seems suspicious, chances are, they’re not genuine.


Analyzing the content history


Content, content, content – it’s the essence of any Instagram account! A genuine account will have a consistent history of high-quality posts. Scroll down to their earliest posts. Do the captions and style align with the account’s current theme? Sudden shifts in content types or quality might hint at a change in ownership – or worse, a hacked account. Trust me; you don’t want to deal with the latter. Ever!


Confirming original email registration


Alright, here’s a crucial step many buyers overlook. It’s super important to confirm the original email used for registering the account. Why, you ask? It ensures that the seller isn’t trying to sell a hacked or stolen account. Always ask for a screenshot or some proof of the original registration email. And if the seller hesitates or gives excuses, that’s your cue – run for the hills and don’t look back. In addition, if there are any issues with the account later on and Instagram needs to confirm the owner, having the original email is the only way to solve the problem.

Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts-Secure Transactions

Best Websites for Safe Purchasing Instagram Accounts

My experiences have shown that not all marketplaces are created equal. It’s essential to stick with the ones that have built a reputation over time. Platforms that have been around the block and have set processes to ensure the legitimacy of accounts on sale. They usually have a stringent vetting process and offer escrow services to protect both the buyer and seller. Some marketplaces might have genuine sellers, but that doesn’t make them scam-proof.

Best Practices for Secure Transactions

Using Trusted Payment Methods

When I started managing multiple big-league Instagram accounts, one thing I learned swiftly was the paramount importance of secure transactions. I’ve felt the sweaty palms and the heart-racing anxiety of a potential bad deal. And you know what eased those fears? Using trusted payment methods and how vital these are. Opt for platforms that offer buyer protection.

InstaDeal’s partnership with Trustap offers an escrow style payment with the buyer protection in which buyers can pay via their credit cards. Once the buyer paid, the funds will be held in the escrow by Trustap until the buyer confirms he got all the credentials. Always consider using an escrow service. This ensures that funds are released only when both parties are satisfied. It adds an extra layer of protection and might just save your bacon.

Arranging a Step-by-Step Transfer Process

Alright, imagine you’re buying a house. You wouldn’t hand over the cash without first ensuring that the keys work, would you? Buying an Instagram account isn’t all that different. The process should be systematic and gradual. When I handle account transfers, I always – always! – arrange a step-by-step transfer process:

It starts by securing the email linked to it. Passwords and everything else need to be changed. Log in to the Instagram account and then secure everything else. During the process, buyers may require assistance from sellers to obtain codes for modifying data. Sellers have to stay online until the buyer confirms everything is safe and secure.


How Do I Secure an Instagram Account After Buying it?


  • Change Your Password ASAP:

Seriously, the first thing to do is change that password! Make it unique and not related to any other passwords you have.

Use a combination of letters (both upper and lowercase), numbers, and symbols for the best security. Oh, and maybe avoid your pet’s name or birthday.


  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

This is a no-brainer. 2FA requires a secondary form of identification, often a code sent to your mobile phone, before you can access the account.

It’s an added layer of protection and, trust me, it’s saved a few of my accounts in the past.


  • Update Associated Email:

Don’t keep the previous owner’s email. Switch it to an email you have full control over. And, for Pete’s sake, make sure that email also has a strong password and 2FA enabled!


  • Revoke Access to Suspicious Third-Party Apps:

Over time, accounts may grant access to various third-party applications. Review the “Authorized Apps” section in settings and remove any you don’t recognize or trust. Some of these can be sneaky.


  • Monitor Account Activity:

Keep an eye on the “Login Activity” section. It shows where and when your account has been accessed. If there’s a location or device you don’t recognize … red flag alert!


  • Be Skeptical of DMs:

If you receive any direct messages requesting personal information or making strange requests, it’s best to be wary. Scammers and phishers are everywhere, even in the DMs.


  • Inform Your Followers:

Now, this might sound odd, but if you’ve bought an account with the following, it’s a good gesture to inform them of the change in ownership. It builds trust, and it’s just plain good manners.


  • Connect with Trusted Devices Only:

Try to avoid logging in from public computers or unknown devices. If you must, always ensure you log out immediately afterward. And clear those cookies!


  • Backup Your Data:

Instagram allows you to download your data. This can be super useful, especially if you need to restore your account for any reason. It’s like having an insurance policy for your content!

What to Look For When Buying an Instagram Account?

  • Audience Authenticity 

You know, numbers can be misleading . . . Just because an account boasts a zillion followers doesn’t mean they’re all real. What you’re gunning for is authentic engagement. Peek at the comments section. Do the comments seem genuine? Or do they have that bland, repetitive vibe? If it’s the latter, watch out! That account might have a bunch of bots padding those engagement stats.

  • Account History 

Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Apply that here! Delve into the account’s posting history. Has the content remained consistent? Or has there been a sudden shift? This could be a red flag indicating the account’s been hijacked or sold multiple times.

  • Engagement Rate 

An account’s engagement rate can speak volumes. You want a rate that’s above average for the account’s size. If it’s consistently low, it could mean the followers aren’t genuine. Heck, even my grandma’s cat pics get more engagement than some of these sham accounts!

  • Niche Relevance 

Always ensure the account you’re eyeing fits your brand or personal image. If you’re a fitness guru, buying an account focused on, say, knitting? Well, that’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Ensure the audience is one that’ll resonate with your content.

Ways to check if Instagram followers are real

Ah, the age-old question in the world of social media – how can you tell if those shiny new followers on your Instagram are genuine or just a bunch of bots trying to fluff up someone’s numbers? Honestly, in my years of experience, I’ve come across numerous indicators. Let me dive into some of the most reliable ways:


  • Engagement Rates:

If an account has thousands of followers but only a handful of likes and comments, there’s a mismatch. Real followers engage with content.

Think about it: If you had a room filled with 10,000 people and only 10 clapped when you spoke, something would feel off, right?


  • Check the Quality of Comments:

Genuine followers will leave relevant comments on posts.

Watch out for generic comments like “Great post!”, “Amazing!”, or just emojis. They might be from bots. I mean, who comments on a fire emoji on a picture of your grandma’s pot roast?


  • Profile Completeness:

Real users typically have a profile picture, bio, and several posts. If you see a follower with no profile picture, no posts, and a weird username—red flag!

It’s like meeting someone at a party who’s wearing a mask, doesn’t speak, and has no name tag. Creepy and suspicious.


  • Examine Their Followers and Following:

Accounts that follow a massive number of people but have minimal followers in return? Often, they’re not genuine.

It’s like that one person at the conference, running around handing out business cards willy-nilly, but not really connecting with anyone.


  • Use Third-party Tools:

There are tools and apps out there (like IG Audit) that can give an estimate of how many real followers an account has.

It’s the tech equivalent of a lie detector test for your Instagram account!


  • Check for Spikes in Followers:

If an account suddenly gains a massive number of followers overnight, it’s possible they’ve purchased them.

It’s like suddenly having a six-pack without ever hitting the gym. Something’s fishy…


  • Engage with Them:

Occasionally, drop a poll or a question in your stories. Real followers will engage and respond.

Think about it as a roll call. If only a few respond, where are the rest?


  • Growth Consistency:

Genuine growth is usually gradual and consistent. If you notice random spikes and drops, it’s a sign.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a genuine Instagram following.


  • Audience Demographics:

If an American-based fashion blogger has 90% of their followers from remote areas in another continent, you’ve got to scratch your head a bit.

It’s like a country singer being wildly popular in an area that’s never even heard of country music.


  • Inactivity:

Accounts that haven’t posted in years but suddenly start liking and commenting? Could be a sign they’re not genuine. It’s akin to someone waking up from a long coma and suddenly being super chatty. Makes you wonder, huh?

Alternatives to Buying Accounts

Organic Growth Strategies

Now, if there’s one thing I can’t stress enough, it’s the magic of organic growth. Buying accounts? Sure, it can seem tempting, but let me tell you – nothing beats the genuine, heartfelt connection of a community you’ve built from scratch. When you focus on organic growth, you’re not just looking for numbers, you’re building a tribe. Strategies like constantly posting quality content, engaging with your followers by responding to comments, and utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels can work wonders. It’s like watering a plant every day – give it love, attention, and time, and soon, it’ll blossom. Trust me, organic growth feels so much more rewarding.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Let’s dive into the world of collaborations and partnerships. Ever heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one”? Well, in the Instagram world, it’s truer than ever. Partnering up with like-minded creators or businesses can significantly boost your visibility. It’s a win-win situation: you get exposure to their followers, and they get the same from yours. Don’t just jump into any collaboration, though. Choose wisely. Find someone whose brand aligns with yours, and together, you can create content that resonates deeply with both audiences.

Leveraging Paid Promotions

While I’ve always been an advocate for organic growth, I can’t deny that a little financial push here and there can provide a much-needed boost. Platforms like Instagram offer promotional tools that can be quite effective. You’re not buying followers; you’re simply amplifying your content’s reach. Be strategic – target specific demographics, utilize Instagram’s Ad Manager to its fullest, and monitor the results closely. Remember, it’s about finding the right balance between organic strategies and paid ones. And if done right, paid promotions can indeed complement your organic growth.

Why Choose InstaDeal When Buying Instagram Accounts?

  • Trust and Reliability:

InstaDeal is a trusted platform for buying Instagram accounts. There is a secure and reliable payment method with credit cards via Trustap to ensure that all transactions are secure and transparent, offering peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.

  • Variety of Accounts:

The platform offers a wide range of Instagram accounts across various niches. This diversity allows you to choose an account that aligns with your brand or personal interests.

  • Time and Effort Saving:

Building an Instagram following from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging. Buying an account with an established following on InstaDeal can save you significant time and effort.

  • Account Quality:

InstaDeal ensures the quality of the accounts sold on their platform. They verify that the followers are real and active, which is crucial for engagement and growth.

  • Customer Support:

They provide excellent customer support. If you encounter any issues or have any queries, their team is ready to assist you promptly and efficiently.

  • Easy Transaction Process:

The transaction process on InstaDeal is straightforward and user-friendly. This makes it easy for anyone, even those not particularly tech-savvy, to buy an Instagram account.

Conclusion: Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Instagram Accounts

With the guide to purchasing Instagram accounts we’ve learned that engaging in the process of buying Instagram accounts can be risky, comparable to venturing onto fragile ice. People are attracted to buying these accounts because of their quick growth. Many people become victims of fake sellers who offer accounts with fake followers and engagement stats, putting their accounts at risk of being banned. 

A brand developed over time can be ruined by such errors. Your best bet is to add an extra layer of protection, using the third-party escrow services that can be utilized during transactions. The payment is held by escrow services until both parties are satisfied, reducing the risk of fraud.

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