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what are IG Engagement Groups

What are IG engagement groups?

Engagement groups can be a powerful tool for accelerating your growth, if used appropriately. The problem is: Most people don’t use them properly.


We can’t discuss the details of a particular engagement group, as they all differ, but the idea is quite simple. Your Instagram account(s) determines the group you’re in with others of similar size or niche. An Instagram DM chat is where these groups usually are. Telegram chat-rooms are preferred by larger groups, while Skype is used by some.


Example: If you are in a 50k engagement group, you will be in a group with other people who have at least 50,000 followers.

Example: If you are in a nature engagement group, you will be in a group with other people who have nature accounts.


How Instagram Engagement Groups Work

In “rounds,” you post your Instagram content so that others in the group can like/comment on it. If more people like/comment on your content, the chances of it appearing in more explore feeds increase. Engagement group specifics such as the number of rounds per day, posting requirements and account requirements vary among different groups (and/or comment on) each other’s Instagram posts in the group. 


The main theory suggests that if 10 other group accounts with 100k+ followers like your post, you could reach over 1 million explore feeds. There’s potential for enormous exposure!


Things to Consider before joining IG engagement groups:

I really do appreciate engagement groups; and if done correctly, they can be an incredibly

powerful tool for rapid growth. However, most accounts in engagement groups are doing it

wrong. Here’s why:


Engagement groups Posting regulations:

A lot of the engagement groups have specific posting regulations that can hurt content.

Don’t ever be pressured to post bad content just because a round is in session. This type of pressure forces a lot of users to put out really poor content to grab all of this extra exposure.

 I’m not kidding.

Now, my views towards how often you should post have shifted a bit. I think if you can post 3-6

quality posts per day, then you should ‌do it (depending on your niche). The problem is, most people can’t even post two quality posts per day. So then, eventually, they get tossed into engagement groups, and they want to receive as much exposure as possible, so they post sub-par content to maximize their potential benefits. I firmly believe that rushing content just to be shared in an engagement group is harmful. Sure, you might get more exposure; but rushed, sloppy content will inhibit your ability to sell to your followers, and your current followers might not appreciate the sloppy content – which might lead them to un-follow you.


Varieties of niche:

Unless your content has mass appeal, engagement groups are virtually worthless unless you’re all in the same niche.


The concept should be fairly straightforward. The benefits you’ll receive from a 100k fitness account, liking your 100k nature account, are not as significant as those from another 100k nature account. Unless you have mass appeal, your nature account is unlikely to interest fitness account followers. Very specific niche accounts will still struggle in general, non-specific engagement groups.


Accounts’ size is Important

If the accounts that like you have less than 10,000 followers, engagement groups are hardly helpful. You are more likely to end up in the explore feed of the followers of the accounts who like your content. It’s not beneficial if accounts with few followers are liking you, especially if they are from different niches. Using a follow/unfollow strategy is likely to result in better growth than hoping to be featured on the explore feed. 


Utilize the 1-2 punch technique along with my guidance on automating Instagram the right way. You can be benefited by being liked by large follower accounts, but small follower accounts just won’t do you much good. Small accounts can message larger accounts in their niche to interact by showing their willingness to pay. Most accounts will do this if you offer them cash, and it could speed up your growth if done correctly.


Engagement groups really don’t work well for huge accounts.

It’s intriguing that engagement groups don’t seem to benefit large, established accounts. Although there can be various reasons, I’ve seen many individuals who opt-out of engagement groups after reaching 1 million followers. Some of the reasons may include not aggressively pursuing growth, putting more emphasis on monetization, having unsatisfactory growth numbers, reaching the limit of the niche, and so on.


Creating IG Engagement Group:

Finding a niche-specific engagement group with significant players involved is recommended if you have 10,000-500,000 followers. If not, reach out to similar accounts in your niche through DMs and ask if they’d like to participate in an engagement group. Don’t feel inclined to churn out weak content just to get more exposure. To find engagement groups, just message people in your niche on Instagram. If you’re creating an engagement group, always make sure to check these.


1)Engagement groups are only (truly) powerful when done within the same niche or closely related niches.


2) frequency of engagement in the group


3) the value of other profiles (account size, engagement, organic engagement, possible fake followers,…)


Always remove leechers since they add no value.


Don’t forget that the content is what matters most. Viral content can be achieved without engagement groups. At the end of the day, if you are still posting weak content (regardless of engagement groups or not), you are going to struggle to find success on Instagram.

This account on the right is an

excellent example of what your

engagement rate should ideally

look like. This is what happens

when you post quality content and

have good followers! Get

featured, show up in explore, and

make your followers feel like

family. Followers that feel like

family are the best buyers, too.

You might appreciate an engaged

fanbase whenever you try to sell

things later on.

what are Instagram engagement pods

Final Thoughts:

I strongly suggest engaging with peer and inspiration accounts beyond IG engagement groups. One of the best ways to improve your engagement and gain exposure is to add value to other accounts in your niche by commenting on their posts.

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