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Instagram limit actions 2023

Understanding Instagram Limit Actions

Instagram’s limit actions are restrictions that prevent spamming, automated engagement, and other forms of misuse. These limitations are intended to create a safe and authentic atmosphere for users to connect and share content. Instagram makes sure users engage in genuine and meaningful interactions by implementing these limits. We previously discussed how to perform Instagram Follow/Unfollow Method, commenting and liking actions to gain more organic followers. In this article, we explore the exact numbers to avoid any action blocked on Instagram.


Instagram Cycle ratio:

Following a ratio cycle is a great way to optimize your follow-back percentages. While growing your account, it’s important to maintain a following-to-follower ratio that resembles a ratio cycle. Optimizing your account’s performance can be achieved by adhering to a strict ratio cycle. Note that these types of results only occur if you have enjoyable content and are in a fast-growing niche. Following hundreds of people per day is the unglamorous secret to gaining Instagram followers at the beginning. Those “secret tools” or “unique methods” that promise thousands of free followers are all scams. Don’t believe them. To get actual results, you must attract real individuals to your account – and the only way to do this is by finding them yourself.


Warm up an account to avoid Instagram limit

Start with 30 actions per day.

Increase by 30 every day until the total number of actions reaches 300 per day (including F and UF). Distribute your activity evenly throughout the day by randomizing your actions. At 9AM, you can do 35 follows as an example. Then 40 do unfollows at 11AM. At 12:30 PM, unfollow again. And so on…

Avoid performing more than 60 actions at once. This applies to both following and unfollowing.

Take breaks and warm up by watching stories, reels, etc., between following/unfollowing activities. Our goal is to appear human to Instagram with our actions. Don’t be too “robotic”.

Performing all activities without breaks can cause action blocks. On your first day on Instagram, you can follow 250 people, but repeating this action may result in a block.

How to detect if you got Instagram limit actions

Instagram gives you a prompt that says something like “We block certain activity. Try again later.” This message changes from user to user.

A prompt with no date is referred to as a soft block.

What to do?

Immediately stop all activity.

The account needs to be inactive for a few hours.

Try again.

In case you are still seeing the same prompt. The account needs to be inactive for 24 hours. Avoid posting, liking, or engaging in any activities for the next 24 hours.

Try again.

If you’re still seeing the same prompt. Delete the cache and data of your app. Uninstall Instagram and then reinstall it.

Try again.

If none of the options above are successful, and you are still encountering the prompt. You’ll have to reset your Instagram password and take a week-long break from your account.

If Instagram soft blocks your account, reduce your daily activity. Mixing up your activity schedule is also recommended.

Instagram action blocked

Best Warm up cycles in 2023

Follow Unfollow

Stick to one type of action (follow or unfollow) for the first 3 days of warm-up.

Starting from the fourth day, you can perform both actions daily.

This helps to add randomness to your activity.

Make the daily follow and unfollow actions random. Don’t perform the same amount of actions daily.

Rest every few days. Avoid follow/unfollow actions on a rest day.

follow unfollow warmup


You can perform the follow/unfollow activity and make 25 comments daily.Don’t surpass 50 comments per day if you don’t have anything else to do. 

You must warm up your account by engaging more to be able to comment. Begin with a daily goal of five comments. Add 2-4 comments daily until you reach the maximum.

Make sure your comments are highly specific & unique.

Comments like “Good picture!”, “Great post!” just don’t work when it comes to Instagram. You need to be creative. Some ideas to write good comments:

Compliment something specific in the post. Ask a question directly related to the topic in the post. Give your two cents on the post

Comments are more effective when posted on fresh content. It’s typical for people to reply to comments 30 minutes after they’re posted. Commenting after a few hours greatly reduces the chances of the post owner seeing your comment.

Best comments on Instagram

Follow Unfollow Commenting Liking Ratio

Understanding the phases of growth on Instagram

Your account growth is determined by the number of followers you possess. Over time, you’ll find that it takes less effort to grow your account. Allow me to guide you through the steps, so you’ll know what to do when you reach each stage. There’s a point where you can stop following people and still gain followers. When you reach 15,000 followers, shift your focus to creating viral content and joining engagement groups.

Your First 15,000 Followers

Your first 15,000 followers will test your patience like a roommate who doesn’t clean up after themselves. Your first 15,000 followers will be the longest, most challenging followers to obtain. Few people prefer to follow accounts with fewer followers.

Accounts with few followers are often considered low-quality accounts. Attracting attention on Instagram is extremely hard because of this. Your interaction level should be very high during this phase. It’s important to be friendly with other accounts. Leaving numerous comments on other accounts, following 200 accounts daily, and liking almost 400 photos per day is recommended. You can gain your initial 15,000 followers in a couple of months but need to dedicate 3-4 hours daily for manual interaction tasks. Refer to the ratio cycle above to get a good idea of what your numbers should be.

Now, does this mean you should spend 3-4 hours per day working on your content? Not necessarily; however, you still want to make sure your content is of high quality. It would be a good idea to have at least 20-30 high-quality posts during this phase of followers. The more posts, the better. It will be difficult to gain followers if you only have a couple of posts. Remember, your content should be following the 10% Engagement Rule up to this point. If you have 10,000 followers, you should be getting around 1,000 likes per photo. If you are receiving less than 10% of your likes, then you need to consider several things:

  1. Can your content engage 10% of your audience? Is it necessary to improve the quality of your content? Is the content you’re providing original?
  1. Is there a need to change your target account? Popular accounts can deceive with fake likes/followers. Make sure you are following good accounts and liking their material.

The number of comments you receive depends completely on your niche and each specific post.

If you have a comedy/meme account, it is probable that your followers will tag their friends in the comment section, resulting in more comments than the usual niche. If you have a fitness account, it is typical to receive more question-type comments. Know what type of comments to expect with your niche.

Your Follower-to-Following Ratio will be most out of proportion during this stage. There will be times when you follow more people than those who follow you. Don’t worry about this right now; this will look better as you gain more followers.

Your First 50,000 Followers

After surpassing 15,000 followers, content quality will determine how fast you reach 50,000 followers.

I devote around 2 hours per day to doing the 1-2 Punch and another 2 hours to creating top-notch content. This seems like a lot of work; but when you think about it, it’s an investment that can be set off with great returns.

The time it takes to gain 50,000 followers can range from a month to 3-4 months, based on your niche and content.

Although not ideal, you can start making money from your followers if you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche. If you appear to be solely promoting products to your followers, potential followers will be deterred, resulting in difficulty reaching 50,000.

Begin creating content that people will want to share and rank it using relevant hashtags. Achieving more than 1,500 likes per post can make it easier to be a featured post in a specific hashtag. A lot of your followers during this stage will come from the Explore Tab and the hashtag.

50,000+ Followers

Instagram changes from a factory job to a chess match once you hit 50,000 followers. Although still significant, interaction can be reduced. Your content will attract most of your followers during this stage and beyond. The creation of exciting and shareable content is entirely up to you. You do not have to follow people anymore, but if you like and comment on your timeline, you can increase your likes (keep these engagements within your niche). Although not the primary beneficiary anymore, those with over 50,000 followers often restrict their following to under 2,500.

Remember, your engagement rate should still be exceeding 10%. A common practice to keep people engaged in your content is to write captions such as “Tag someone who…” or “Like this post if you…” Your imagination can fill in the rest. At this point, monetization needs to be in the forefront. This is when you have enough authority to sell things to your followers without them getting turned off – if done properly.

It’s a great idea to continue doing niche-specific IG engagement groups as your account progresses. The bigger your account becomes, the bigger accounts you should engage with. Avoid interacting with an Instagram account with only 1,000 followers if you have 100,000 followers as it creates drastic differences that Instagram doesn’t appreciate.


Instagram limit actions are crucial for an authentic and healthy social media experience. To prevent spam, fake engagement, and misuse of the platform, Instagram is enforcing limits on likes, comments, follows, unfollows, direct messages, and hashtag usage. Although it may require users to change their strategies, these limitations enhance the user experience by making it safer, more authentic, and enjoyable.

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