How to get 10k followers on Instagram | the REAL & Practical Method in 2022

how to get 10k followers on Instagram

How to get 10k followers on Instagram?

Getting the first 10,000 followers on Instagram is a common landmark among Instagram brands, influencers and companies, as you stand as a professional Instagram marketer.

In the next section, I’ll show a series of tried and tested methods on how to get 10k followers on Instagram fast in 2022. Keep reading!

What advantages do you see when you have +10K subscribers?

As you are a successful influence on this platform, Instagram itself will help you be seen more and gain a lot of interactions. By having +10K followers, “Swipe Up” feature will be activated and you can add links to your Instagram stories, which means you can guide the traffic from your IG account to your website, YouTube, etc for example and generate more leads or sales at the end.

So, now it’s clear why most Instagram marketers put get 10K Instagram followers as their cornerstone of the business. Swipe Up feature, monetization and recognition are only a few of the reasons that Instagrammers pave their way for their 10k subscribers. It’s clearly not a straightforward task and not every user can’t hit that, I mean few people know how to get 10K followers on Instagram in a short time but you can hear a lot of successful stories who got to 10K audiences in even one day. Our experts analyzed some of these success stories and gathered a few proved and amazing methods to hit to 10K followers in the shortest time possible:

How to get 10k Followers on Instagram in 2022:

  1. Gather your first 100 followers

When you create your Instagram account, you have zero followers at first. It’s possible to collect 100 audiences from the people you know, including friends, colleagues, relatives etc. Instagram will ask to have access to your contact when you sign up and it will suggest connecting with people from your contact later. Also, you can add your contacts from other social media platform like Facebook.

2.Have a schedule for your posting’s routine

Marketers recommend getting an app that helps to schedule messages and add them at a certain time. You can schedule messages many days in advance and the app will publish them when your audiences are the most active.

3.Use all features on Instagram

Use all Instagram features for content creation; post, stories, reels and lives. Plan to post one or two pictures/videos weekly. You need to have a story 24/7 day. Also, have a live session with your subscribers during a week so they can there a real person behind the account. Last year, Instagram launched a new feature on its platform, Reels, where users can create a short 15-second video. Reels have rapidly become a significant strategy in businesses’ digital marketing efforts. You can use this feature once or twice a day to keep your audiences engaged. Keep in mind the content you create must be engaging. It should inspire followers to like, leave a comment, save and share it.

4.Mass DM marketing

Once you have the essential base and also engaging content, you can proceed to the next level; Mass DMs which also known as DM marketing, is a powerful tool to proliferate the number of followers. There are many digital marketing agencies that provide DM marketing for individuals or businesses.

5.Enter engagement groups (Pods)

Pods are a group of IG users with similar interests, content, and exact niche. They not only follow one another, but they actively support each member and respond to new messages from other participants to help each post go viral and reach Instagram’s top nine posts.

6.Repost viral content

While it violates Instagram rules to repost other user’s content without their permission, people love to promote their posts for free. You can repost the viral contents and mention the original poster’s account in the caption and get noticed by a bigger number of users on Instagram.

7.Magic of proper hashtags

Hashtags are an important feature on Instagram. You can add up to 30 related hashtags to your post to grab interested users’ attention. It’s a way for the relevant audience interested in your niche, so don’t lose that important opportunity.

8.The art of hosting giveaways

How to get 10k followers on Instagram? Well, it is useless to buy them directly, but there is another shortcut way to «gain». People love to get gifts for doing something. You can ask your followers to mention their friends in the comment section or tag you on their stories to get eligible for the giveaway. The results are sometimes huge and unbelievable.

9.Find the best bloggers in your niche and cooperate with them

This is an advanced form of mouth to mouth marketing technique. People love to get advised about buying stuff from those who they admire. Nothing like advertising your brand while using your product by a famous blogger on their story would bring followers into your Instagram page. It’s vital to pick the genuine blogger as there are many bloggers with fake followers only want to empty your marketing budget. Of course, doing promotions by bloggers requires a big pocket, but it’s definitely worth it.

10.Thera are other tricks you can use to boost your account interactions and gain more subscribers on Instagram:

  • Buy Instagram ads for story or posts
  • Follow and interact with users who are active on your competitor’s page
  • Provide links to your post on Instagram in other social media or on your blog.
  • Etc

That’s it; 10 methods on how to get 10k followers on Instagram. To sum it up, getting to 10K followers on Instagram is a big milestone for all Instagram marketer. Implementing these techniques requires investing a lot of time on Instagram daily.

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