How Can Instagram Improve as a Social Network?

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With over 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is a well-known social media website. The platform has developed into one of the most popular social networks since it was introduced in 2010. Even said, there is room for development, and Instagram has to stay up with modern developments if it is to continue to be the most popular social networking platform. Insta Deal will explore how Instagram may improve as a social network in this post.

User security and privacy are the main concerns.

User security and privacy should be Instagram’s top priorities. Instagram must put user privacy first by introducing end-to-end encryption for direct interactions, tightening privacy legislation, and giving users greater control over data sharing. Cybersecurity risks are increasing, and this requires Instagram to prioritize user privacy. The platform must increase its security features and procedures and apply stringent restrictions and standards for processing user data in order to secure user data.


Aim to Improve Content Moderation Efficiency

Effective content moderation is a further area where Instagram could improve. Offensive content should be flagged for human review by Instagram using AI techniques to find it. Users will be protected from unwanted contents as a result, and the platform will be able to set up mechanisms for content management that are more efficient, obvious, and consistent.

More powerful e-commerce features

Instagram currently has a significant e-commerce feature, and the service should give higher priority to integrating more potent e-commerce tools including an unique market place, links to well-known payment processors, and tailored product suggestions. An e-commerce platform or scheduling tools, for example, may help firms plan their content and improve the purchase experiences of their customers.

Tools for Content Creators to Make Money

Instagram should provide additional revenue-generating opportunities for the many content producers that use the service. By introducing paid memberships, fan badges, and access to exclusive content, Instagram may improve the experience for its users. Instagram may also come with artistic tools that let users decorate their content and schedule posts in advance.

Sound Features

Since audio features have become a crucial component of social media, Instagram should include additional audio capabilities, such as an unique audio tab, audio effects, and the option to post audio-only content.

Boost authenticity

Fake accounts and followers have been a concern for Instagram for a long time. These accounts raised doubts on the legitimacy of the site and can negatively impact user experience. Instagram needs to take action to stop people from using fake accounts and to promote authenticity. A system that rewards real engagement while punishing fake accounts might achieve this.

Video calls in groups are now accessible.

Instagram should roll out group video calls if it wants to succeed. With these new additions and changes, Instagram can maintain its position as one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide.

Features for augmented reality are being introduced.

On social media platforms, augmented reality (AR) has grown in popularity, and Instagram is likely to include additional AR capabilities. The platform may include 3D effects, AR filters, and the capacity to create AR content directly on the platform.


Instagram has already come a long way in terms of improving the user experience and resolving user complaints. Yet, there is always room for improvement, and Instagram’s platform can keep evolving and becoming better. By offering more engaging features, safeguarding user privacy, enhancing the e-commerce experience, promoting user safety, enhancing content discovery, and helping creators, Instagram can keep ahead of its rivals and hold onto its position as a top social media platform.

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