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How to increase Instagram story views

It’s not about hacks. if you really want to make it work, you need to understand why your views might be low. And it’s usually because your audience isn’t liking what you’re posting.

If they just skip your stories without paying attention, it will negatively affect your views.

So if you want to increase your views, you need to make sure you post things that hook them and encourage them to interact. In this article I will show you some simple tricks to make your stories more interesting:

Many people struggle with low story views on Instagram, that’s frustrating and feels like you are posting to the void.

It’s easy to blame the algorithm but you shouldn’t as it’s usually your own fault. You’re failing to grab your audience attention with the stories and your followers are just skipping them without interacting. This will make the algorithms assume that people are not enjoying it and stop pushing them to more people. In order to increase story views, you need to:

  1. Retain your audience and make them spend time consuming your stories.
  2. Make your audience interact with your stories.


To make your audience spend more time on stories, you have to do one or some of the following methods:

How to increase Instagram story views# Make interesting stories:

Alternating between videos and photos is a good one to start. Also by writing captions in a beautiful font in your videos you can grab their attention more often. Also always remember to show BTS and make your stories personal.

How to increase Instagram story views# Make interactive stories:

Use the story stickers like polls, quiz, questions and etc to make it easier for the audience to interact with.

Instagram hacking

How to increase Instagram story views# Use hacks:

What I’m about to teach you has a huge potential to boost your story views. If you have some good strategy to generate engagement and sales, this will serve you right.

Let’s jump into this hack:

Start by letting all your stories EXPIRE, don’t delete them, let them expire by themselves after 24 hours. Wait for 24 hours without posting a single story. And only then, come back to your stories and start posting normally.

To boost your stories even more, use one of the mentioned techniques above. It usually doubles or triple your views.

How to increase Instagram story views #Try different ideas:

Want to grow your page without the pressure of having to think about content ideas? Use some of these ideas to boost your views on Instagram quickly. It’s also possible to use some Instagram content calendar tools in the market.

6 IG story ideas to increase Instagram story views:

This or That:

Use the poll sticker to ask your audience what they prefer. This may or may not be niche related. Example: IOS or Android, Coffee or tea etc

Your mood:

Share a “mood” picture about how you feel today and encourage your audience to do the same. Use stickers to engage them more.

Would you rather…

Play a game with your audience and asking them: would you rather for example lose 1K$ or lose your IG account. Use the poll sticker for better result.

Fun fact:

Share a fun fact about yourself and ask your audience to share a fun fact about them. Use the question box.

Mini training:

Do a mini training on a topic your audiences are struggling with. Ask if it was helpful or not (poll sticker), and also what topic they would like to cover next time (Use questions box)


Myth vs Fact:

Share 1 myth and 2 facts about your industry/ niche and let your audience guess which one is the myth. Use the quiz sticker to compare the results. Then create another story debunking that myth.

How to increase Instagram story views# Stickers?

Before talking about your product or services on stories, always use a story sticker to increase your engagement. I’ll show you some best stickers to add them on your stories to boost the views:


Allows you to engage with the followers by asking them multiple choice questions.

You can use this sticker by:

  • Make a question to your audience and let them guess the correct answer.
  • Play “guess the lie”. Share 3 truths and 1 lie about yourself and let your audience guess the lie.
  • Make a quiz about you / your business



Allows your audience to vote between the options you’ve given them to answer the question you’ve asked.

Add yours:

This sticker allows you to either start or join a trend. People see the sticker and reply to the chain with their own take on whatever the prompt is.


Emoji Slider:

It allows your audience to express how they feel about your question.


Allows you to ask questions, to receive feedback, or recommendation from your followers.

How to increase Instagram story views # Remove ghost followers:

An inactive account is called a ghost account. They are usually fake followers, bots or old followers who no longer see or see your posts. If such accounts follow you, they are called ghost followers. Having ghost followers won’t make your Instagram posts more engaging, but it will increase your follower count. In fact, it can affect engagement in posts, especially stories. To get more views, you need to get rid of ghost followers.


There is no doubt that Stories are important for increasing account engagement. The more people see your story, the more likely you are to get one step closer to growing your account. So, in this article, we gave you some tips on how to keep growing your story view.

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