How to set up Instagram shopping: The step-by-step guide in 2022

How to set up Instagram shopping

Instagram presents a worthwhile possibility for people who desire to begin an online store in 2022. Features along with Instagram Story, Live, and Reels allow Instagram users to market their products and have interaction with customers innovatively ad as we know 44% of users purchase weekly on Instagram.

In the tutorial on how to set up Instagram shopping, you will learn how to build your online store and increase the sale by gaining more followers and building trust.

Instagram shopping is an ecommerce function inside Instagram app wherein users can promote their products via a series of images or videos, from making a simple post to publish stories, using Instagram lives or Reels. As it is easy to use, Instagram shopping is an outstanding platform for anybody seeking to make money online.

A complete guide to activate the Instagram shop:

Activating an Instagram store is not a hard mission. It is enough to take some time to undergo the activation process and then use this feature effortlessly. Let’s dive in it:

how to set up an Instagram shopping without a website:

1. Change your account to business mode


The first thing you need to do is change your account from a personal one to a business one. Go to setting>>Account>> Click on “Switch to Professional account”. Then choose your niche from the category list (music, travel,…) and complete the process. Remember that your account must be public to use this feature.

By completing this step, you will have access to the Professional Dashboard where you can monitor your account performance closely and make a better strategy for growing your account.

2. Activate the shop feature

This section is about how to set up Instagram shopping with Facebook. You need to attach your Facebook account to add your shop to Instagram account. Go to setting>> Sharing to other apps, choose Facebook and connect.

3. Build the Catalogue of your products

Catalogue includes picture, price and tag about the products. To build the catalogue, go to your Facebook account>>>> click on “add catalogue”. The rest is a step by step guide from Facebook to build a comprehensive catalogue of your portfolio.

In the first section, you must select upload product info to manually enter your products. If you use different store builders, select the connect E-commerce option.

Then, in the next boxes, enter the name of your store and the name of the catalog, respectively.

4. Be Patience: Give Meta some time to evaluate your request

Once you’ve completed the above steps, the next step is simply waiting! After developing a catalog and connecting it to your account, Instagram will evaluate it. The catalog approval procedure takes some days to a month and you don’t need to do anything more here.

5. Online shop is ready:

Congratulations. You just learned how to set up Instagram shopping in 2022 for free.

Once you got confirmation from Facebook, you can use tags while uploading products (up to 5 tags per post). If you have a growing business, consider have a website too. As you know, owning a website is like owning a house, while using Instagram shopping is like renting a house.

6. How to add products tags to Instagram posts?

Follow the steps for posting on Instagram as usual. Use the filter, write the caption, and choose the location and correct hashtags; under “tag people” you will see “tag products” option either. By choosing this option, you will enter the product section you entered the Facebook catalog.

7. Promote your new Instagram shop

Now that your Instagram Shop is activated, it is time to boost and have some interactions.


Important note: The more active your page is, the more you should concern about securing your Instagram account. After you learned about how to set up Instagram shopping, secure your Instagram account in the right manner to avoid getting hacked, disabled, etc. Also, ensure that your products compile with Commerce Eligibility Requirements otherwise, Instagram may limit your access to the account later or completely disable it.

After you learned about how to set up Instagram shopping, let’s look at several exceptional methods to boost your Instagram store to another level and make more sales:

1. Have Harmony Across All Your Posts:

It’s essential to use a same writing style, brand voice, photo theme on your Instagram posts. Not only will it help to build a unique brand also it’d be easier for your followers to recognize your style.

2. Use correct Hashtags

Applying relevant hashtags is a simple way to gain more interactions and engagement from other accounts on Instagram. People use hashtags to find the things they’re looking for and they follow you and like your posts. You can also use the best hashtags that your top competitors use on their best engaged posts.

Just remember, like other good things, don’t overuse hashtags. Only choose 8-9 best and valuable hashtags on your posts. Based on our experience, more hashtags will drop the engagement rate.

3. Host an Instagram Live

An Instagram live helps bring more interactions and attention to your shop as the customers will see the real person behind the virtual shop. So they can trust and buy easier from you. The live sessions can be about launching a new product or a Q&A session. Inform your followers at least a day before so they can spread the word for you and bring more visitors to your live meeting. Which makes more leads and potential clients in the long term

4. Offer Promotions and Giveaways

These marketing techniques help bringing more followers to your shop and make a buzz for your new products or special offers. Create a post or story advertises your giveaways and free promotions. Then ask the followers to tag/ share more people to get eligible for the prize. To build more trust about your giveaways, use Instagram live to host your contests.

5. Promote your shop via Instagram influencers

Influencers marketing is about advertising your brand verbally by a specific influencer in exchange of money. To have a better result, It’s vital to find a relevant influencer to your niche and also evaluate his/her follower’s quality, engagement rate and story views before giving orders.

6. Create interesting videos

Some other remarkable method to promote your Instagram store is through enjoyable yet informational video. Create attractive Reels and stories that people will need to tap on and watch till the end. Use filters, audio, and augmented reality (AR) effects to make your videos even more interesting to watch, which leads to more views and engagement. According to Instagram algorithm, your shop posts can be available on the customers Home or explore page.

7. Use Paid Advertising

If you have enough budget, then Instagram ads will be a brilliant choice to promote your shop. It makes your post appear on users’ feeds, Stories, or Explore page which lead to enormous interaction.


That’s it! An ultimate guide on how to set up Instagram shopping in 2022. Use these proven techniques and start your own online store on Instagram ASAP.

500 million people use Instagram daily and at least 50% of them follow a business account! Growing an active Instagram account requires lots of consistency, time, energy and money.

Buying an Instagram account may be a wise alternative for those who are on the right budget and eager to get the result overnight. Instadeal has a wide range of ready and active accounts available for sale. Contact our support to check them.

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